Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's time for a chat

The last 10 days have passed in a blur. Getting ready for Family camp, going to camp (which was so incredibly awesome!), participating in a 2-day 25+ family (church) parking lot sale...whew! And then there is the recovery period..yes, we're still working on that!

And now, finally, there is a little bit of time to do some catching up on what has been going on with our family over the past year or so. Just a little explanation of my self-imposed absence from blogging. Because I just can't seem to start from this day forward without mentioning so many things that have affected our lives now. So please bear with me.

About a year ago we were pondering a big change for our family. We were trying to decide whether we should move to a neighboring state. Not a long distance from here mind you. But it would mean leaving our church (which my husband has attended for 25+ years), moving farther away from grandparents, and rarely seeing close friends. My husband's drive to work would double (living in one state, working in another). On the other hand, we would be going to my brother-in-law's church and hoping to be a great encouragement and help to him. I could help with their christian school (which I would love to do), and see my nephews and nieces more.

Well, we sought counsel, prayed about it, and it seemed like the right thing to do. We told our family, friends, and church family about our decision. We very quickly made an offer on a house, which appeared as if it was going to go through.

Within the next month a lot of things started to happen. A few doors opened..where we already were. And we really felt conflicted on what we were supposed to do. Sometimes knowing God's will for your family is not a simple thing, you know? The house fell through (though we were later called about an additional offer), and we really just felt the need to reassess things.

During this time I also had a long-time friend whose world was being turned upside down. Have you ever felt that you're literally wearing yourself out trying to help someone? And at some point it gets hard to make the right decisions? I love this friend, and really did all I could to help her. And eventually things worked out. But I sure wouldn't want to go through that again! There really are times when you need to say no. Thankfully, things have turned out well for them, and God has moved some mountains in their lives. And I think He let us have a hand in doing that.

So for now we are still here. But oh the changes that have come. While we continue to homeschool, we are also taking additional classes at a local charter school. It's unique in that the parents are heavily involved and required to accompany their kids, and in charge of all classes (reading, writing, arithmetic) not taken at the charter school. I consider it the best of both worlds. We were on the waiting list for this school for about a year, and it offers some especially valuable resources for the Princess and her learning issues with Apraxia.

However, all of this really turned our life (and school) a little crazy. Not to mention some additional circumstances that have happened along the way as well.

My brother (32) was diagnosed with Leukemia, and suffering quite a lot. I was struggling with some female health problems that were driving me to distraction (and exhaustion!). A good friend died by choice before his time, and I have to admit many of us took it very hard.

I think that I now am doing a pretty good job of juggling everything. We definitely are adjusting our extracurricular classes this year; it is so good to be home for school more!

And we still made a move. Just 15 minutes away. Renting a house for $200 below the average price in a neighborhood we absolutely love! God opened doors, no doubt about it. Even when I'm confused, I can so clearly see Him working in so many ways. Maybe it was a test of faith? And maybe a year from now I'll make an announcement about another move. I think that there are definitely more great things to come.

So that about wraps it up. We started school today, so I will be posting our plan and schedule for the year soon. While I still plan to keep this a family-life blog, I also will be adding more of our school activities, projects, and such from time to time.

But for now, good-night to all.~

Friday, August 05, 2011

Please pardon my dust

Just in case anyone should happen to stop by... my blog is indeed going through a remodel. Blogger seems to have changed a few things during my self-imposed absence. I am hoping (fingers crossed) to be returning to blogging very soon. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my blogging friends, and catching up on what's going on in your corner of life. Which means more than those itty-bitty Facebook updates...lol. See you soon!