Friday, September 07, 2007


Does anybody out there in the big world of blogging hate change? I don't think anybody could loathe it as much as I do. It is hard for me to believe there are people who actually get up in the morning looking forward to what new thing or experience life is going to throw at them. Not me- just give me the same old, same old day after day. It may sound boring (and sometimes it most definitely is) but that's the way I like it. Don't get me wrong- I can be a little flexible. But I like to have my world (somewhat)ordered. Of course, having 3 little rugrats means I get a few unexpected things thrown at me- but then I expect that to happen. Have you noticed people have a hard time committing to things anymore? Do you have a friend or relative that always sets "tentative" dates that usually change last minute? Of course things "pop-up", but you KNEW they would. Of course, being a stay-at-home homeschooling mother of three, I have so much more flexibility with my schedule than they do with theirs..(note the dripping sarcasm). But I digress....
My doctor who has helped me with a myriad of symptoms (too boring to list) has left his practice (now he's down to one office located far, far away). So I go to another doc in the office. Talk about night and day. Seems I have issues (medical) that this doc noticed that the other (highly esteemed) did not. Instead of the usual monthly visit he want's me back next week. Let's see: $30. a visit weekly instead of once a month. If my math is right,that equals WAY too much. I want my dear departed doctor back...No, I'm not nut's. Maybe it's the late (or very early) hour. Or my need for everything to stay the same and be predictable. Or maybe it's because I have found a good Doctor is worth his weight in Gold.


Mrs. Darling said...

Sorry about the doc.
So what sort of things is the relative tentively setting in motion now?

Mr. Crazy said...

Well, I'm with you on change. Living in a rut, yeah, I like that. really want to trade the van?