Friday, October 26, 2007

The Passage of Time

It is truly amazing how quickly time goes by. Of course, as a child, many an adult would inform me of this phenomenom. I suppose I thought it was just another of those adult sayings, only now I have found it to be true. It seems like every time I turn around, something I was looking forward to has already passed by.

I have just had another birthday and I admit it causes one to reflect. There was a time I looked with dread on growing older, and wished I could return to younger years. Of course, I still wish I could have that look of youth. But the uncertainties and pressures? No thank you.

Sometimes I wonder why I was one of the lucky ones who found a truly good man to share my life and raise my children with. There is absolutely nothing I would trade my three prescious little ones and wonderful hubby for. I realize that may sound a little cliche, but so many people really do trade their loved ones for material possessions and goals.

So many tell me that I am lucky to be a stay-at-home mom, and they are right. But it does require sacrifice. It requires that I keep to a very tight budget, one that many people would not be willing to keep to. It requires that I be very ingenious and industrious keeping my family clothed and other needs met.

For me, it means home-schooling my 3 children when I would have preferred to send them to our christian school. All sacrifices I am willing to make. All sacrifices many others could also make.

It won't matter 20 years from now what kind of house I lived in or what kind of car I drove. It won't matter if I went on vacations. It won't matter what clothing label I wore. So much really won't matter.

But I know it will make a difference that I was there each day with my child. And that will be for me more satisfying than any career. Will give me more peace and comfort than any possession. And will knit the heart of my husband and I more than any other goal we could pursue.

So I find myself older, but contented. At peace with choices I've made. Glad that I have followed through. And having hope, or perhaps faith, that when I look back years from now it will have made a difference.

In the past year so many things have turned out different than I thought they would.

And yet so many good things have come from these twists and turns in my life.

New friends made, priorities reaccessed. Some sadness and dissapointments. So many blessings, and a few surprises. And a little more understanding of myself.

And so time marches on, and I realize that perhaps growing older may have a few advantages.


Mrs. Darling said...

Yes, it indeed does have advantages. The biggest thing I miss of you youth is the superb health I was in then. sigh

Mr. Crazy said...

Well, happy birthday Red....