Friday, December 28, 2007

Back from the Coast

We have just arrived back from several days at the Oregon Coast. Between Christmas and our trip, the week has just flown by.

Christmas day was a wonderful day spent with the family. We got back from the in-laws at 10:30pm that night, and were up early the next day to clean the house and pack for the trip. I usually would have done this already, but with all the celebrating the house was a mess again and there were new things to pack. I HATE coming back from a trip to a messy house. We left early afternoon for the coast.

We stayed at an Upscale Inn/Spa, not at all the kind of place we would usually go with our 3 kids. Hubby was given a $500. gift certificate from his employer for a side job he had done. He didn't say it, but I knew it really was a boost to his ego to be able to take us there. Anyway, we arrived and picked up our key card and drove to our spot. When we stepped into the room, the fire was already burning in the fireplace. I thought that was nice, but something just didn't seem right. There was the brush on the counter, the shoes against the wall...hubby thought someone just left behind a few things. I didn't think so. When I saw the yarn with the knitting needles on the side of the easy chair I knew there was a mistake. Sure enough, they had given us the wrong room and key card. Fortunately, it was dinner time and hopefully they never knew someone was walking around their room for a little while.

The next few days went by so fast. The kid's hiked, swam, played chess, did misc. activities in the play/game room, and played with their new Christmas toys. We don't have TV at home, so this was also a treat to them. They offered movies still in the theater you could view, and we watched "The Waterhorse". I absolutely loved this movie! It's set back during World War 2 in the country of Scotland. It had a few mildly scary parts (during which my daughter hid her head). It was a great story with excellent acting. I have to admit I have a weekness for stories about leprecauns, fairies and things of that nature. This dealt with the Loch Ness monster legend. I rarely buy a movie when it comes to video, but I do plan to buy this one.

We came back with some lovely souveniers and new memories. (Picture is on sidebar). I'm glad we have a long weekend to rest from the trip- that is after we have the last Christmas party of this season tommorrow. So it looks like I will be wrapping presents once again this evening. I will end with wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year~


Mrs. Darling said...

So what did I tell ya? It was a very nice motel for coastal motels now wasnt it?

Glad you had fun!!

Jeff said...

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Mrs. Darling said...

Ha. Looks like you just got your first spam!

PJ said...

What a wonderful few days!!! Great way to spend part of the CHristmas Vacation.