Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rainy Days

What a cold and rainy day today was. As funny as it sounds, it's actually making me a little homesick for the midwest. While I have to admit it gets much colder in Indiana (my home state), it's a different kind of cold.

I miss the crisp cold weather that makes you catch your breath, and the beautiful white landscape. The cold in the Northwest seems to just creep into my bones and stays there. And I much prefer snow to rain.

I'm not really meaning to complain, it's just interesting to me that after ten years I would still miss the Midwest winters. These rainy days make me want to hole up in the house with the kids, I think I could be content to do that.

My living room is so cozy with the Christmas tree lights twinkling, the smell of candles burning, the smoky mountain Christmas music playing.

Every day I put out another gift under the tree, and all the kids rush over to see whose it is. They don't seem to realize I'm taking turns! And they don't really care if it isn't their turn, it's just exciting regardless. And I don't think anyone gets as much enjoyment out of the whole thing as I do~

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Mrs. Darling said...

So do you have 25 gifts total? LOl Just wondered what would happen if you ran out of gifts!

ducking out before you throw a book at me.