Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I spent some time last night searching the internet for Christmas tradition ideas. I hit on a blog that had so many great ideas on it, I couldn't even begin to put a fraction of them into motion- and I want to do just about every one of them!

One idea that we had already started was reading a new Christmas story each night of December, culminating in the story of Jesus birth on Christmas Eve. Tonight we read "A Ragged Christmas Feast".

It was a story about a feast that was held each year for the poor children in Dublin, Ireland. These poor, ragged little children were thrilled to receive all the tea and hot buns they wanted at this feast. No gifts- just something to eat and to warm them.

My boys found it interesting and pondered the moral of the story, while my daughter colored and told me I had repeated myself twice! We're all looking forward to tommorrows story. I will probably post some of the other ideas tommorrow. That's all folks~

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Mrs. Darling said...

I love the new look but then Im incredibly partial to red!

We're reading Christmas Magic tonight. Peter brought it home from the library and it is filled with gorgeous pics. Cant vouch for the story yet though cause I havent read it.

Now you need christmas music playing on your page to match your new look!