Sunday, January 06, 2008

I was Glad

Sundays, in our household, is probably the busiest day of the week. There are days where I am gone from home more, or even do more activities. But preparing for church (baths, dressing, gathering misc. items needed), attending morning and evening services (where I serve in several areas) and the other everyday things such as meals, cleaning,ect. make it the most tiring day of my week. I have had this same routine for many years, and it actually messes up my week mentally when I veer from it to stay home with a sick child or such.

Some people find it admirable that someone would attend church as much as we do (3-4x a week), others think we're quite strange. Many people consider it their personal day of rest- you know, time to kick back your feet, watch the ballgames, get jobs done around the house, even spend time with the kids. I even (occasionally) almost envy the thought of having this time at home.

Please understand,I'm not judging other people. One of the great things about our Country is our freedom to choose (or not to choose) to worship. Many intelligent and knowledgable men claim that God, or religion, is just a crutch for those who are weak. I feel sad for someone who would think that.

My belief and faith in God strengthens me and gives me peace in the midst of lifes ups and downs. It helps me make better decisions than I would make otherwise. Like a ship in the midst of the storm that needs the captain at the helm, I need God's help in directing my life.

In a world where people are continually seeking something or someone to make them happy, I often wonder why more people don't turn to God. With so many broken homes, abuse, addictions. Most of hollywoods famous seem to be walking examples of this.

I often see comments left on newsites talking about Christian fanatics, and they are usually not positive ones. To me, being a Christian is not about your religion, it's about your relationship with God. There are people doing horrible things in the name of their "god". To lump together everyone who calls themselves Christians is a mistake. Just as if I were to say everyone who doesn't call themselves a Christian is a heathen, reprobate or bad. It's not about the label. We've all met the so-called "wolves in sheeps clothing." I know people who are "Christians" who treat their wives terrible and have no time for their own kids. And I know people who never darken a church door, who take excellent care of their families and guide their children.

I DO think you cannot have true peace without God. And I DO believe that there is only one way to get to Heaven. I choose to have faith in God.

So, at the end of my ramblings, I will say what I meant to say before I got off track. I am glad that Sunday is a busy day and that I spend it mostly at Church. I'm thankful I have that choice, that freedom. I'm thankful that I have a Pastor that teaches me from God's Word how to best live my life. As David so aptly put it "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord."


Marva said...

AMEN! Very well said! I am glad to know you.

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep I had to miss cause I had no shoe for my borken toe; nothing but flipflops which I do not deem proper foot wear for the tabernacle.