Thursday, January 17, 2008


Just about the time I was ready to post about the endless rain we were having here in the Northwest, it decided to stop. Being that we had record rain for this time of year, early in our season, it is a welcome change. The temperature has also dropped. According to my calculations (and all that stuff I learned in school) there should be snow.

So where is it? It appears to be hanging out down South, atleast that's what I've read on some of my favorite blogs. It seems to be quite a novelty there. And makes for some slippery driving conditions for those who aren't used to it.

I grew up in the Midwest (southern Indiana) and loved the winter time. Yes, it got very cold at times. And we often used kerosene heaters instead of the house heat to prevent high heating bills. We all wobbled around in layers of clothes like penguins.

For a child, it gives wonderful memories of sledding, snowball fights, snow angels, and snowmen. When you went indoors afterwords, there were always steaming cups of hot chocolate, the real stuff (no offense swiss miss).

Of course, as an adult I soon saw the big picture. Driving those slippery roads can be dangerous. I once was driving alongside a semi, hit a patch of ice, and flew right across his path and down an enbankment. He (the semi-driver) called the ambulance, thinking I might be a goner. But I made it out just fine, and my dad never noticed the small dent in the front of the car. My guardian angel saved the day on that one.

Then there was the time my husband was driving his work van on the Dan Ryan expressway. He hit a patch of ice and started a 20+ car pile-up (during morning rush-hour traffic to boot!). No one was injured, but there were alot of dented cars. What was humorous about it was the fact that his older brother, stationed in Japan at the time, saw footage of it on the news there! He still made it to his 9 am college class on time.

I remember once shopping for groceries in 30 degrees below zero weather (not so bad if your car has heat, mine did not!). But it was my shopping day (and I had no kids at the time).

Five years ago we drove back to the midwest (call us crazy) for my little sister's wedding. In the month of December (call us really crazy). About halfway there I looked at my hubby and asked "Was it always this cold?"

It would seem I've grown used to the mild (albeit wet) Northwest winters. And mostly unslippery roads.

So maybe I don't want snow for the long-term. But 2 or 3 snow days would be great. Okay, maybe even a week. And not these wimpy little flurries we've seen so far. Enough to make a real honest-to-goodness snowman.

So I say to our southern friends: Enjoy the snow while you have it (and stay safe).

And when you're done with it: send it up here ya'll!


Mrs. Darling said...

Yeah all we get is ice from the gorge. Whats the fun of that?

Mr. Crazy said...

Just amazing what you find out, I grew up in the snow too. Do we know each other from a previous life? The older I get the more snow I want to fall on me. Just don't want to live where it happens all the time...

Hummm...Red is my favorite color

Marva said...

No snow to send. There was suppose to be, at least a couple off inches, just those wimpie flurries you speak of. Hope you get snowed on soon!

Nikki said...

We're supposed to get some snow tonight, but selfishly, I'm going to keep it all. We haven't had any snow actually stick in about 6 years, and I'm ready for some! Of course, it's raining right now and 40 degrees, so it probably won't stick tonight either.

Nikki said...

Since I was so selfishly going to keep all of our snow, we didn't get any. Not a single snowflake. That should teach me to be so selfish!

Frasypoo said...

Yes,it snowed here !!!
Hope it comes back to you!