Friday, March 28, 2008

Girl Stuff

Could it be my little girl has arrived at that point where we can have a real girls-night-out together? It would seem so!

Last night hubby and the boys took off for another state. Really. Of course, that other state is only 30 minutes away:) He was going to help his brother with something, so that left me and my little five-year-old daughter to go out doing errands together.

Now I have adored my daughter since the day she was born. And we have wonderful times together; just most of those are not in public. Not that she throws fits or anything; she just...gets nature's call at every stop (have you noticed how many stores are doing away with public bathrooms? it's really true) gets very hungry and thirsty (multiple times) and is suddenly incredibly tired and unable to walk short distances (I wish she was tired like that at 10pm).

In fact, she acts like a tiny child!!! A child who is tired, hungry, and doesn't comprehend that running 6 places in 2 hours time is a neccessity for mommy sometimes.

Until now. Tonight she was as perfect as a little Princess can be. And received her first haircut...during which she made sure the hairdresser noticed that her hair was "red and curly just like my mommys". Followed by an occasional "Am I being a good girl Mommy?"

And please do not hurry to suggest different ways to get little ones to behave in public; much of that part of this post was meant tongue-in-cheek. My kids publicly behave better than many, and worse than some. The best-laid plans/behaviors can go astray, especially in public. I often remember this when I see a young mother trying to deal with a 2 or 3 year-old in public, worried that her reputation as a parent is going to be forever tainted by their behavior.

And I try to stifle a smile; yes, I remember what that feels like. Now the ones who don't care how their child is behaving...that could be another post.

So now I have someone along not fussing about basic neccessities of life, but oohing and ahhing over clothing, accessories, and other items the thrift store conjures up for my visit.

Having no mother or sisters with whom I can share outings like this, it really does open up a new chapter in our mother-daughter relationship.

Which is such an exciting thought.

So why am I feeling just a little sad about the end of that last chapter?

Maybe because I just want to hold every little moment to my heart; this mommy is in no hurry for her little one to grow up...she can take her time.

Can you imagine how I'll be at her wedding?


Nikki said...

Sounds like y'all had fun! I'm looking forward to that with Sarah Beth, although she is very easy right now in public.

You're right. Usually, I'm pretty mild-mannered, but occasionally, well, let's just say that I'm not!

Mrs. Darling said...

With my daughters wedding it wasnt me that did all the crying it was my husband. He couldnt quit crying!!!

Truly there is nothing like a daughter!

Greg said...

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Mrs. Darling said...

On thing that might make you feel better is that feedjit records when someone comes and when the go on seperate lines, so it looks like double the amount of people. What you really need is a site meter.