Tuesday, April 22, 2008

6 word Memoir

Mrs.Nespy has tagged me for a meme. I was supposed to come up with a six word memoir, not an easy thing for this wordy writer. So this is my memoir:

Content and at peace with Life.

Contentment: Although there have been periods of my life where I have had more money, or more possessions, I don't think I have ever felt as content with life as I presently do. The last five years have had so many twists and turns, in many ways things are the exact opposite of what I thought they would be. But I wouldn't change a single thing. I'm finding joy in simple things, things that money can't buy. I'm not perfect, and I've made my share of mistakes. But I think I will look back 20 years from now and be very glad for the choices I've made during this time.

Peace: My faith in God gives me both strength and security. I know I don't have to carry any burden alone. God isn't my "crutch" in life, He is my anchor that stands firm through any storm. When I'm weak, He's strong. And knowing that gives me peace.

Now I am going to tag the following people to write their own memoir, and then hopefully they will do the favor of tagging others, LoL.

Nikki, who is presently packing to move, so if you opt out, I'll understand. But I was curious what you would come up with.
Marva another busy, busy mom (one for each twin:).
Kristy at Homemakers Cottage, who writes such well-worded posts on her blog.
Minimalist Mommy, who may just want to shoot me as she has two blogs to keep up with now, and I'm sure is quite busy;)


Minimalist Mommy said...

Hi there, thanks for the tag. I have been tagged for the same by two others and feel blessed that people are actually reading my stuff. I was thinking of doing this Friday and liking back to all three as I love all of you guys and are a regular stop for me. I haven't been in the last couple of days as the whole family has been sick and it has been non stop laundry.

Nikki said...

I will get to it next week. In my new house!!