Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take your kids to work Day

That's right, the boys are heading to work with Hubby today. They're quite excited, although Hubby himself doesn't really know exactly what they have planned at his workplace for the little guys...should be interesting.

Meanwhile, the princess suspects that she is "missing out" on something, so I told her she would be "going to work" with mommy today; which will probably include making a cake and a craft or two. And hopefully a nap some time during the day...a nap for mommy that is:)

So is anyone else out there sending the kids to work with Dad (or Mom...I'm an equal opportunity blogger)?


Marva said...

Maybe Princess could do a little post about working with Mommy today?

The boys will be sure to have a blast! I know the sweet Pricess will as well! Have a great day!


Mrs. Darling said...

Unfortunately kids arent allowed at hubbys job. Even hubby needs security clearance to get in there. Its just too dangerous. He works with explosive chemicals all day. The kids have long rued the fact that they cant participate in this day.

Marva said...

Got the memme up! Blessings!

Marva said...

Hey again! Now, who's the "stalker"? ;)

I sent nico's email addres to your hubby so you could ask her about the Walgreen's coupons.

Send me your address if you get the chance. Blessings!

MyKidsMom said...

HaHa...feel free to stalk me anytime!

Thanks so much- I'll drop her an email:)