Monday, June 09, 2008

Fighting a bug and hoping for sunshine

Hubby and I had a nice, relaxing time together on our anniversary date. Truth be told, I woke up that morning with some kind of virus; the severe stomach cramps type. I thought about canceling our date (and grandma as well), but I knew we wouldn't be able to reschedule for another couple weeks; by that time it wouldn't really be an anniversary date.

It all worked out though, as I was feeling a little better by afternoon, and decided to go with the flow of things. We went to Olive Garden and had some of their high calorie, but absolutely delicious food. I think it had been a couple years since the last time we'd been there.

Hubby showed up after work with his hands behind his back. I automatically thought it was flowers since we've always been very low-key in our anniversary presents. It actually turned out to be a ring he had picked out! It's really quite lovely, though I have to admit that I'm a bit of a tightwad and would have been content with flowers.

NO, I didn't tell him that;)

The next day I woke up sick again; I wonder if it could have been the food? LoL Seriously though, I couldn't handle the smell of food for a couple days. The princess was fighting a fever off and on as well. So we both stayed home from Sunday church.

On the bright side (literally) it was a beautiful, sunny Sunday. I stayed inside myself, but loved having the windows open, feeling the cool breeze, and hearing my kids playing outside. The next few days are supposed to be rainy again, but they're calling for sunshine from Thursday on out.

Which naturally makes me wonder: is it possible I could actually get my vegetable garden in before July?

Only time will tell.


Marva said...

So glad the date was great! e you feel better soon and Princess too!

Maybe the rain will let up soon. It is hot, dry, sticky and muggy here. The air is so thick......

Suppose to be 94 here today.

Have a great day!


Nikki said...

I am glad that you had a nice date. Post a picture of that ring so we can be jealous, er, celebrate with you.

I wish you could send us some rain. We need it, and it is supposed to be 100 here today. We wish for Marva's balmy 94!

kerri @ gladoil said...

Well, it may have been a little sunny yesterday, but not today again. :) I wonder if summer will come? I wonder if come August there will be whining about drought this year?

Glad you had a nice day.

We had the stomach flu too. :(

Sandy said...

Hey, happy anniversary to you, too!