Friday, June 13, 2008

Recipe Challenge

Nikki of Nikki's Notes is hosting a recipe challenge: try a brand-new-to-you recipe, then leave a link to your recipe with pics.

You have to take a look at her cinnamon rolls she made this week; they look absolutely delicious! You'll gain weight just looking at them, Lol. I'm a big fan of cinnabon, and these are supposed to be a good imitation.

I love the allrecipes site; yes, it has lots of great recipes. But better than that, it has all the comments afterward; sometimes, by the time I read those, the recipe ends up being only an empty shell of it's original self.

Here is the link for Zesty slow-cooker barbecue chicken. I halved the Italian dressing (most of my family does not like it's strong vinegar taste). And I used Sweet Baby RAy's Barbecue sauce.

Pay special attention to the first comment left; I cooked skinless/boneless chicken breasts in broth like he suggested, shredded the chicken, simmered it in sauce via my slow-cooker, and served it on whole wheat hamburger buns. It was delicious! I never tire of trying different types of barbecue;)

Have a wonderful weekend~


Nikki said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thought no one was going to participate. I knew you would, so I didn't know what had happened to you, but I figured it was pretty big or important. I hope you're feeling better now.

Your barbeque looks yummy! I wish I could try some.

MyKidsMom said...

OF course I wouldn't let you down!:)

Friday is always a slow day for my blog traffic-wise; most likely because of the weekend.

I also think more people will jump in the next time. I'm definitely in for it, hopefully with multiple recipes (how I'll ever narrow it down, I don't know;)

Nikki said...

When would you like to do this again? I'm game for whenever. Is once a week too often? Once every two weeks? Is Friday a good day for you, or is another one better?

Marva said...

That looks so great! i can't wait to paticipate when things slow down. Great job!!!!