Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday

This post is dedicated to my middle child who was born 9 years ago today. Although today is a Wednesday, nine years ago it was a Friday; as in Friday the 13th;) He was also the 13th grandchild for my in-laws. Both of these circumstances led to his grandpa nicknaming him Lucky.

Any parent of more than one child knows that your children can be drastically different from each other, each having their own unique personality and talents. On my blog, I have nicknamed him the Artist because he can visualize things so well and put them down on paper or other media, such as clay or lego creations, often in 3-D. When we were studying bees this Spring in homeschool, he made this to go along with our theme.

My son's real name isn't used here on my blog of course, but I am going to go so far as to say the meaning of his name is "laughter". While I didn't choose his name for that reason, it has come to epitomize his personality as he continually makes us laugh with his funny antics and remarks. He can tell a story better than most adults I know, with wonderful descriptions of things I wouldn't even think to describe.
Last of all, he spoils his mother (that would be me;). My most simple wish is his command. No, I didn't train him to be this way. It reminds me of those big football players that you used to see come on the tv screen to be questioned about a game, and the first thing out of their mouths would be "Hi Mom!" It was a little goofy, but also endearing. I keep reminding myself that one day he will transfer that attention over to some lucky girl; until then, I plan to enjoy it:)

So to my dear little guy who is growing up much too fast:

We love you Lucky. Happy 9th Birthday!


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday! Only one more year until the double digits!

Angela said...

Ooo....if that is a Biblical reference, I think I've got his name figured out :) But don't worry, I won't tell!

Happy Birthday to the Artist!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Happy Birthday!

Kaye said...

Happy birthday, Lucky!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday to a young man who loves his mommy!! Good boy!!

MyKidsMom said...

Thank you for all your birthday greetings, the Artist loved reading them.

Yes Angela, he does have a Bible name:) All of my children do. I occasionally get asked if I'm Jewish because of that. People also like to ask me if I KNOW that my kids names are in the Bible (I'm not kidding) in spite of the fact that one of the names is quite unusual and I don't know where else I would have found it, LoL. But they mean well;)

Angela said...

I have been eagerly awaiting your recipe post all day!!! :)

Nikki said...

I'm with Angela; where's your recipe? I hope everything is okay because I know you had one to post.