Monday, August 18, 2008

Odd and Ends...and Awards

My computer is still acting quirky, but it seems to be working with me right now (temporarily I'm sure;) . As great as these modern day inventions are, they can be terribly aggravating at times. My husband had to work over-time this week-end, so checking out the computer was at the bottom of his to-do list (mine too).

I took part in our annual church parking lot sale last Friday and Saturday. They divide off parking lot spots, and then you have your own sale within that spot. There were around 20-25 of us I think. It reached 104 degrees on Friday!! I took a break in the afternoon to go to my girlfriend's house which has air conditioning. We were both trying to avoid migraines. But on Saturday it was around 100 again and we just stuck it out; and drank lots and lots of water!
By the way, I know some of you have high temps as a way of life, but we Oregonians just aren't used to them (or properly equipped). And I think the asphalt in the parking lot was heating us up even more. In spite of that, we did fairly well. So I now have money for my home school curriculum.

And speaking of home school, we will be busy with our diagnostic testing for the next few days. I will be doing it with the boys at home. This will help give me a general idea where to place them in the new curriculum I'm using. I'll be posting more about that in the future.

Now I need to take care of some awards that were given to me in the past week. I am a bit embarrassed it has taken me so long to post these, it's just been one of those crazy weeks. And I'm a little clueless when it comes to doing anything more than writing a post for my blog. Then add in my computer's quirkiness...

So without further ado:

Brandi has given me the Super Commentor Award. I think that means someone actually likes my mile-long comments I leave all over the place;) Thanks so much Brandi! The creator of this award is Mamarazzi at Dandelion wishes. Brandi is a newer blogging friend of mine who home schools her six children, which automatically makes her one of my heroes! She has an awesome blog picture of herself dressed in black standing by a kid's desk, a.k.a. Super homeschooling mom(I christened it that:)

I'm passing this award to Nikki (Notes) because she is probably my most long-term, faithful commentor. If there isn't a comment on one of my posts from Nikki, I seriously think about sending in the mounties (who aren't even American now that I think of it,LoL). Nikki is a young wife and mother of 2, and reading her blog brings back a lot of memories of when my kids were young. And we all know that it doesn't require a comment to keep us posting, but it makes it that much sweeter:) So thanks Nikki for always stopping by. I enjoy our blogging friendship.

My blogging friend Kaye has also given me an award.

This is the Arte Y Pico award given to writers "that inspire others with their creative energy and their works." I appreciate all the times you've linked to my posts Kaye, and this great award. Any chance that I can give it back to you? LoL I mean that as in I wish I had given it to you first:) Kaye's blog is Mrs.Nespy's World bargain finder on my blog roll, but she actually has 2 newer blogs. Riding Bicycles is her more personal blog, which I love because I like to learn more about my blogging friends (and her little guy is really cute!). Silencing the Stones is her blog to share her spiritual journey. I don't know how you do it Kaye (3 blogs), but you do it well!

I also want to mention that I've gotten cereal super-cheap and that wonderful kid's soap (can't remember what it's called) for free recently with links from Kaye's blog; she does a great job of digging up all my deals for me, LoL.

I'm passing this award to Niki at the Organizing Blog. Niki's blog used to be Minimalist Mommy, but she is now more officially the Organizing Blog. But she still shares her creative ideas and adventures with us. I'm not sure if she's able to post this with the more business-like set up of her site. But I just wanted her to know I was passing it along to her, she definitely qualifies for this award.

I'm also going to pass it along to Mrs.Darling at Dishpan Dribble, although she needs another award like a hole in the head, LoL. I hope that's a saying everywhere (a hole in the head) because otherwise it sounds really strange...even to me. Mrs.Darling is a real-life friend of mine, and the one who pestered ... um... I mean encouraged me to start blogging. She blogs about just about anything under the sun, and then some;) And, yes, she is a real person for any unbelievers out there, LoL.

One more thing... HAPPY (belated) 29th BIRTHDAY Kaye! Are you really that young? LoL I'm old enough to be your much older sister! hahaha I hope you had a great day!

It's starting to rain outside...thank goodness! I will absolutely deny saying this in the future;)

Have a wonderful Monday~


Mrs. Darling said...

Thanks for the award. I truly will get over to pick it up.

If you need help with grading the diagnostics and interpreting it just call. Remember I am really honest to goodness trained in that curriculum. I am not only trained but certified. Doesnt that sound inmpressive? Not! But yeah I am certified but its not impressive. Yeah, I spose you get that.

Hey did I tell you that Mrs V was going to help me decorate? Well she is.

Nikki said...

Thanks for the award! Am I supposed to pass it on? Because you are MY most faithful commentor. I'll have to think about it.

Yes, we have lots of 100-degree weather down here, but we're still not used to it. However, we are smart enough not to plan outside activities during July and August. I guess you weren't expecting such hot weather, or you wouldn't have, either, would you?

Nikki said...

Oh, and thanks for calling me young. I'm only three years younger than you are; I'm just in a "younger" stage of life than you.

MyKidsMom said...

Mrs.D: Never fear, I WILL call you in if needed! And if I hear the name Mrs.V again, so help me...;)

Nikki: Yes, you must keep it alive by passing it on:) And the garage sale was scheduled at the beginning of the year, the date is posted on the church calendar that comes out at the New Year. In the past we held the sale in June, but it almost always rained at least one day and had wind gusts that blew the stands down; you can see that would be a problem, LoL. July is much too busy for everyone, and the week before someone had reserved the church for a wedding. So it was this week by default. Many people use canopies, but my husband's aunt who has a really nice one was out of town. Long story short, we were just kindof stuck this year. If I didn't need the money for home school, I definitely would have canceled this time around. But it's all over now thank goodness:)

Niki said...

You bet your bloomers I can post this award. Thanks a bunch and much appreciated. Congrats on those awards, you definately deserve them. You have been the most faithful reader and commenter out there and always smile when I see your funny remarks. Have a great day.

Brandi said...

Thanks, you're so sweet!

I do have a correction to make though. The picture is actually one of my senior pictures from high school. The chair is a director's chair at the studio where I had the pictures taken. I was dating my (future) husband at the time, but the picture was taken more than two years before we had our first daughter. I posted the picture to my blog profile because I wanted to motivate myself to get back down to the weight range I was in the picture.

MyKidsMom said...

Haha Brandi, I wouldn't have known any difference! It looked like a school chair to me, so I figured it was to go with your home school theme,LoL. Am I the only one who has ever thought that?

It's still a great pic! And good for you working on the weight loss. I've only had 3 babies to recover from, and that's been challenging enough (weight-wise), I can't imagine having six.