Saturday, November 01, 2008

Harvest Festival Pics

Our whole family dressed in a theme this year for our church Harvest Festival. I had considered this option for a few months, but nearly tossed it aside because of the money end of things. Then my Alaskan girlfriend called to say that she had just shipped out a dress she had made for my daughter, and a scarecrow outfit to boot! It definitely wouldn't have happened otherwise. In the end, we only had to buy one outfit... the tin man (via Ebay). I really did try to figure out a way around that. Guess I'm just not creative enough. So thank you MK.

Here are the pics (Nikki and Kaye:)


The Scarecrow

The Tin Man

The whole crew (I'm the one with my eyes closed;). Complete with a live Toto. Which most people thought was fake at first because it slept most of the time. But when it would occasionally stir in it's sleep, it really startled people,lol. That was fun:)

The kids had fun playing games and eating candy. And no, we're not going to make a habit of doing a theme each year, but it was fun this time. And exhausting.


Mrs. Darling said...

Ya'll looked great! Seemed like a lot of work though for an hour at the festival. whew-eee! You should have just gone trick or treating to show off our outfits! :)

Marva said...

Oh my goodness, just look at ya'll! You all look so great! what a wonderful idea! What a great friend you have too!

Glad you all had a blast!


Nikki said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Do you guys have this flu? if so which ones of you?

MyKidsMom said...

Mrs.Darling dear, email me next time and you'll get a faster response;)

Hubby and I each have a tooth that we've let go and I think that's at the "root" (haha) of our pain and suffering. I admit I am a total wimp because I KNOW that mine is going to require oral surgery. *shudder*

The Artist has a sore throat (NOT strep) and queasy stomach. Princess is queasy too. I'm hoping that's the worse it will get.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh boy that flu stuff is awful! I'll have to tell you some stories about that stuff when we get together. It has to be the worse virus that has gone around in ages. I was talking to a a lady at church this morning that is older than I am and she had the same gut wrenching problems that I had and we both has some disasterous stories to tell.

I guess from the sounds of it McK*nn*y's husband was so sick it took over three days to get his strength back even after the virus left. This stuff means business.

I battled it for five days and because I couldnt eat anything my migraines niggled at the back of my brain the entire time. They never became full blown, thank God.

Kaye said...

What an awesome family picture! =) Too cute for words!

Angela said...

Your family looks great! How fun to do a theme! I'll be putting up our pictures at some point today...or tomorrow :)

Niki said...

That is AMAZING. Wow little Dorothy is perfect. That must of been a blast and imagine the memories you will have of that day.