Monday, December 15, 2008

All Snowed In

So our predicted snow did make an appearance after all. Not only was Sunday morning Church canceled, but the Christmas play and bake sale as well. Now I have plates and plates of cookies hanging around my house... you can see what a problem that would present,lol.

We only have a few inches of snow though. I admit I used to just shake my head at these Westerners and their shutting down of things over a few inches of snow. I was raised in the Midwest where it has to be near blizzard conditions for things to shut down. But then our snow plows and salt trucks would head out at the slightest provocation, which definitely helped. And in this part of the country they also have black ice which is really scary. So now I think they're smart to take the precaution. Plus, I think they just said the wind chill factor is 13; the wind has been blowing something fierce for the last 24 hours or so.

So hubby is home from work as well. He planned to go in driving really slow, but they had already shut down the campus (his company is rather large). The kid's are loving it, and he made blueberry pancakes for breakfast (he is so good at cooking breakfast food), so I'm loving it as well.

My Alaskan girlfriend sent my kids two very large packs of multi-colored clay for Christmas, and they have been steadily making things with it the last few days. I love watching their creativity, and it's keeping them busy. So maybe I can get to a few of those projects I've been saving for Christmas break. Especially with a pair of strong muscles here to help me with the lifting:)

Only 10 more days til Christmas... Have a wonderful Monday!


Kaye said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, as my browser did something weird when I was leaving a comment earlier.

I'm glad that you are avoiding cabin fever by having lots of indoor fun! And what a treat to have hubby home!


Nikki said...

Please send us some of your snow! We would love some. Everything shuts down here, as well. Our city finally bought some snow plows a few years ago, but we almost never get to use them.

Don't worry about the cookies. Just pack some up in a box and send them down here to me! We'll enjoy them for you!

Homemakers Cottage said...

Well, there's no snow for us today, but it is 33 degrees here. That's a COLD day in Texas! :o) I absolutely love the slower paced days when we can't get out and do anything. My husband dreads the short, cooped up days of winter but I love them! For once, life seems to take a rest. Enjoy your quiet day... and don't eat too many cookies. ;oD ~Kristy @ Homemakers Cottage

Missy said...

It's VERY cold here, but not much snow. Sorry your stuff got cancelled.
Enjoy your day with your family :)