Saturday, April 04, 2009

What we did on our Spring Break

Cleaning, rearranging, decluttering... there, I got the bulk of what I did out of the way, lol. The kids played with the neighbor kids and our 2 dogs, competed at board games, and worked on a few assorted school projects of the fun sort. The Professor did quite a few lessons; I don't think he understands the meaning of spring break;) And then we took our last day off and went to a giant jungle gym with the cousins. They had a blast, and I got to visit with my sis-in-law for a few hours.

I also listed about 5 things on Ebay and Craigslist, and made about $200... not shabby considering it actually helped me to get rid of a little clutter. Speaking of which...

How much would you pay for this load of legos? I've collected these for years when my boys were little. I finally decided it was time for them to go (they've graduated to small legos now) and so I listed them on Craigslist for $50... then I checked Ebay and found out that I could get more. Long story short, they sold for $104. ( plus $35 for shipping). Need I say that I was one happy lady?

The Princess and I also did a bit of scrapbooking. I picked up this kit at Ross (a local discount store) for $5.99 and I couldn't believe how much stuff it had in it. I helped her along a bit, but then she wanted to try her own hand at it (little Miss Independence). So here's the page she did by herself. Notice that she gave me a tiara? lol She still thinks her mommy's a queen.

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, a slight breeze is drifting in the window, and it definitely feels like Spring is in the air. The rose bush in our back yard is in full bloom. Tomorrow is supposed to reach 70 degrees! I'm hoping to have a picnic and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

I wish each of you a wonderful weekend~


Brandi said...

It sounds like you had a good break! Enjoy the good weather!

We had a taste of it a couple weeks ago, we had rain and hail a couple days ago, and now the forecast is for snow Monday. LOL I think it is supposed to warm up after that though.

Nikki said...

Good for you in everything you got done, especially making the money! Wow! I need to get my stuff listed.

It's supposed to reach 78 today, but Wednesday morning is supposed to be below freezing. Brrr.

Angela said...

I'm glad you had a nice break! I would love to take a spring break from work. Alas, I am saving every bit of my time off to use for maternity leave, so I'm stuck here at the office every. single. day.


Good for you with the e-bay thing, too! We've been trying to sell some things, as well -- on e-bay and on We've only made about $30 or so, though, so far.

MyKidsMom said...

Brandi and Nikki: that's just CRAZY weather! I suppose I should be thankful we'll only go back to rain, not snow. Though I actually think I prefer the snow;)

Angela: Just think how wonderful that maternity leave is going to be (not to mention the new little person:) I've never tried selling on Amazon, though it's a regular stop of mine whenever I'm looking to buy something. They've beat Ebay's price on quite a few things.

Marva said...

The weather sounds Nikki said warm over the weekend and freezing now.....there is even a few snow flakes here and there.

Awesome about the stuff you sold! Congrats!

I love the tiara. I could not think of anyone else more deserving!

Love you sweet friend!


Mrs. Darling said...

This is Monday! Time for weight loss results!