Tuesday, June 09, 2009

An anniversary and other things

This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. Grandma took the kids for the afternoon, while we went to Olive Garden and did a little window shopping as well. It's been a while since we've been out with just the two of us, and we definitely enjoyed it.

Only 3 more days of school left...:) I'm SO ready for Summer break.

My garden is planted, but there's not a whole lot to see at this point. So I probably won't post a picture until the end of the month. We were having beautiful sunny days during the latter part of May, but now they've turned cloudy, and we'll be seeing more rain later in the week. I would prefer my little seedlings were getting sun right now, but these things can't be helped.

Our dog Sugar (Ginger's pup) went in to be spayed yesterday, and the poor little thing (who now weighs 40 lbs) is recuperating inside the house until her stitches heal. I'm not an inside dog person, but she's doing quite well. It helps that we have her in a large dog carrier of course.

The boys had their first day of little league practice yesterday, and they loved it. It will be a great activity for them this Summer.

I do plan to post a little more often once school is out. We've been so focused on getting in our last Units projects/essays/experiments. The curriculum we use is heavy in this department, which means it takes up much more time than our regular lessons would. The boys have done a great job, and I'm ending this year very satisfied with what we've accomplished.

And very ready for Summer break. Or did I mention that already? :)


Mrs. Darling said...

Peter is loving T Ball too but Im kinda wondering if I should take the coach up on his recommendation to move him to Little League. On the other hand I want him with the kids his age.

Cant wait to see pics of your garden. Guess I need to stop by sometime.

Nikki said...

Happy anniversary! I cannot believe that you're not out for school yet. We (not us personally, but the schools around here) have been out for almost a month.

Please go ahead and post pictures of your garden. Then we can see the before and after!

MyKidsMom said...

Mrs.Darling: NOT that you asked my opinion:), but I would keep him with the kids his own age. I know one of the boys his age yesterday was talking about how he can't wait until next year when he could be with the "big" boys, and I'm thinking people might think it's a little unfair if he gets bumped up merely for height.

Nikki: It's normal for school to go this long around here, I'm just not used to going along with it. But it also means we'll start a little later than some schools, and I think I'll be happy about that come September.
And yes I will post a "before" picture (promise not to laugh:). I should be able to have one up by next Monday. I'm warning you though, there's not much to see.

Mrs. Darling said...

He didnt even metnion his height. It was his skill level.He said that from watching him play at the park for the school picnic that he thought he was too advanced for T-ball. But I am not one to push a kid ahead, ya know? There's something to be said about stickin with your age group. I watched the Little League and I watched the T-ball kids and I can see what Steve is saying. Peter is just as good as some of those kids and of course not as good as some of the older 5th and 6th graders. He doesnt really need to be in T-ball. But Im going to leave him there.

I ws hoping to see you at the practice. I thought it was so fuuny. All of the T ball moms are lined up on chairs watching the little squirts and the Little League moms just dropped their kids off and left. No fair! LOL

MyKidsMom said...

Mrs.Darling: I wasn't considering height only (or my boys might just be in T-ball,huh?). The boy I mentioned was saying that it was harder for him to hit a ball on the Tee, than one just pitched to him. Maybe he'll be suggested to move up as well. If they adjust the age by one year they could scoop that age right into the next group. As far how good or bad the others are, from observing the other sports earlier in the year (football,ect) most the kids learn pretty quick and catch up. I was surprised yesterday by some of the kids that I thought would be good batters, that really didn't do that well.

As far as hanging around, the practices only overlap by 1/2 hr (t-ball 10-11am,LL 10:30-12pm). Plus they didn't let them go til about 12:15. I also didn't know they were moving it to another spot. It makes sense though.

P.S. No stopping by to see the garden until I get another one of my projects done. I've been online trying to figure out the best way to go about it, and I think I found a good solution. We'll see how it materializes. If only everything turned out the way I see it in my mind, you know what I mean?:)

Mrs. Darling said...

Well the decision has been made by the coach to move Peter up. He will do T ball and then go to Little League right after. Thats probably a good compromise and Im happy with that. That keeps him with his friends but also gives him a chance to play at his level which is on the lower end of Little League. :)

MyKidsMom said...

I'm guessing they'll do that with a few others as well. Yesterday there weren't enough kids in the L.L. to have two teams, so unless they come up with more kids elsewhere, they will probably get them from the younger kids.

Do they have enough yet for Tee-ball? I glanced over there, and it didn't seem like that many. There could still be some coming from schools not out yet, but I can't think of that many off the top of my head.

Mrs. Darling said...

I have no idea how many people it takes for T ball. LOL. I dont think they really play teams at that little level, do they? I mean, dont they just go up and hit the ball and run the bases? I dont know, I am sooooo not into my sports! :(

Brandi said...

Happy Anniversary!

We decided to forgo organized sports for the Summer in favor of family activities. The league we can afford takes up the whole Summer. That and Jon is on second shift and it would be crazy trying to get everyone where they needed to be.

Kaye said...

I know you haven't mentioned it or anything, but aren't you ready for summer break yet? =)

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Congratulations and wishes for many, many more! =)

I hope the boys enjoy baseball. It's so much fun to watch the kids play!