Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm packing my bags

It's official: I'm going on a vacation without my family. Doesn't that sound simply awful? Not to mention very out-of-character for myself.

When my girlfriend who lives in Alaska called me 10 days ago and asked me if I wanted to go to a Ladie's Conference held in the state of Indiana in just a few short weeks, my first thought was "Are you crazy?!"

In spite of that, my plane ticket is bought (by aforementioned girlfriend) and I am indeed packing my bags.

I'll be gone for 8 days. Which includes several days of travel, three days at the conference, and 3 days visiting my family who live just a few hours away from where the conference is held. I'll be seeing my parents, several siblings, and a nephew and niece who I'll be meeting for the first time. Which latter reason is why I simply had to take advantage of my friend's generous offer.

And just how is hubby and the kids going to survive without me? My husband has 2 weeks of vacation his boss has been encouraging him to take. So he'll be staying home with the kids. We've been working extremely hard to get ahead in our homeschool lessons so that we don't have to make up the time when I get back. Which will also allow them to do some visiting of relatives (translation: going to grandma and grandpa's and being spoiled rotten) as well as spend some extra time with dad.

In spite of all the bases being covered, I have to admit that I feel a great deal of trepidation. Yes, I'm very excited about spending time with my friend, going to the conference, and of course seeing my family in that part of the country. It's going to be a bit of an adventure for this hopeless homebody.

But I hate the idea of being away from my kids for that long:(

Not to mention the fact that I really, really dislike flying.

I've been fighting a bug (as in a virus) for the past week, but I seem to be getting better. Just in time for my partial root canal this coming Saturday... am I crazy for doing that right before a trip? I'm afraid it was scheduled last month, and really can't be put off.

One last thing: thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Princess. We've been able to rule out crones (which is in my family) and a variety of other things. But she's still having a rough time of it. Our next step is to see a specialist, and hopefully we'll get some answers through that route.

Wishing all my blogging friends a wonderful Autumn weekend~


Nikki said...

Yes, it sounds awful! I'm just teasing because I know that you are a great mother. Have a good time!

MyKidsMom said...

Thanks Nikki:) I can imagine if you were in the same spot, you would feel the same way, right? It's hard to leave your babies, even when they're not technically babies anymore.

Missy said...

Sounds like a fun time for you! Hope you enjoy your vacation, and I know just what you mean about leaving the babies. "See" you when you get back :)

Rachel said...

Yay, I'm so excited you get to go!! It's hard to leave the kiddos behind, but you're gonna have a blast!!!

So excited to hear Princess doesn't have Crohns... what a blessing!! We're still praying they're able to figure out what's going on and that it's nothing too serious. Your family will be in our prayers with you gone, lol. Have fun!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Have fun. I cant imagine how it must feel to leave your kids for 8 days. I've never done that in all my 27 years of parenting! Some people get all the breaks! :)Im just teasing. I dont think I could do that though. Tink would absolutely regress, I kid you not.

Okay so go enjoy yourself and for goodness sakes, dont skip that dental appointment!

Audios and Bon voyage or whatever it is they say. LOL

MyKidsMom said...

Thanks for the support friends! I'm still dreading leaving my kids, but I don't doubt that I'll have a good time once I get there. And they'll have a blast with Dad doing all the things mommy wouldn't let them do,lol.

And Mrs.D, the dental visit is over and done with. I didn't even need the Vicodin afterwards!

Kaye said...

Take care and have a great trip. Sure it'll be hard to leave them at home, but you all need it once in a while. =)

Angela said...

I'm so happy to have a chance to read your blog!! I only made it through the first post for now...I've got a lot of catching up to do, but I think 11:45pm is not the time when I know my little girl is going to wake me up around 6:30am to eat :)

I hope you have a nice trip!

Nikki said...

So...are you back yet? Have you even left? Don't keep us (me) in suspense!