Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Gratitude to our Veterans

In just a short while, we'll be leaving to attend a Veteran's Day service held at our church. The Professor will be playing in the band ("V is for Victory") and he's excited about getting to perform.

From the time I was a child I've been fascinated and a little awed by those in military uniform. Of course, who doesn't look better in a uniform? It definitely adds that little something to even the plainest person. But I was also taught to respect what that uniform stood for. And the sacrifice (in war time or peace) that it entailed.

My grandfather fought in World War II (Army), my father (between wars) was also in the Army. My husband was a Navy man, his two brothers Air Force. And I presently have a nephew serving in the Marines. I'm not bragging, just proud of them all.

My favorite period of History (and I have a great love of the subject) is the World War II era. The men and women of this time have been called "The Greatest Generation", and aptly so. They stopped Hitler in his tracks, but at such a high cost of sacrifice. As so many of them are passing on, I can only hope that we will never let our children, as well as future generations, forget how so many of them paid the ultimate sacrifice, their very lives.

So I want to express my gratitude on this day to all who have served our country, both living and dead. Because of you we enjoy the freedom that we so often take for granted. May it never be said that your sacrifice was in vain.


Kaye said...

Well said.

Rachel said...

Amen, sister!!

Nikki said...

I have to agree, "Amen" and "Well said!"