Thursday, November 19, 2009

When hard work pays off

We have been working industriously this week to get enough of our school lessons done to have the whole week off for the week of Thanksgiving. I admit I am so looking forward to the break! I've been itching to get to some baking, and am definitely looking forward to spending time with extended family. I love the Thanksgiving holiday!

So since school is mostly what we've done this week (with a few fun activities thrown in to keep us all sane) I thought I'd share a few pictures.

I have to admit to a fondness for charts, so I try to insert them into our curriculum whenever I can. Here's a few from this week's lessons.
Working on a puzzle of U.S. Presidents to go along with the Artist's History studies.
Here is my Princess with her word wall and her latest favorite book When the Elephant Walks.

The Professor working on a writing project.

We tried our hand at making corn husk dolls. The Princess seems to think they're some sort of novelty, and is having quite a bit of fun with them. And I'm wondering why I should give her store-bought toys for Christmas if she can be happy with something this simple? Kind of makes one think...

My boys love to do science experiments. Here we were testing the effect different enzymes would have on a variety of foods. The gelatin we used was different than any I had used before, and had the distinct smell of a very dead animal.

Stained glass art-work

This weeks reading material: The Moral Compass. The Professor picked this book out for one of his writing projects. After looking it over, I thought we could all benefit from it.

And last but not least, some fall-themed treats that were almost too pretty to eat :)


Mrs. Darling said...

Liked the projects. Glad to see the word wall. They really do work better than anything when it comes to sight reading!

MyKidsMom said...

Actually, we've had the word wall for quite a while. But it doesn't do nearly as well as reading the same books over and over again. And I do mean OVER and OVER.. I guess that way just clicks better with her. But the word wall makes me look like a good homeschooling mom, right? ;)

Nikki said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to get started...but then I can because it also looks like a LOT of work.

You do realize that gelatin comes from dead animals, don't you? Although, I don't think it should smell like them.

MyKidsMom said...

LOL Yes Nikki, I do realize that. Which leads one to wonder if that's how it would smell without the flavors/scents being added to it?

I'm trying NOT to think about that though. And I think I'll probably be passing up the jello salad for a while.:)

Kaye said...

Love all of the pictures of the projects. You impress me! =)

Marva said...

Wow! Very impressive! You are a wonderful teacher. Blessings!!!

mrs darling said...

I about spit my coffee out at your last comment about the word wall. LOL But really the word wall needs to be used daily and have all the upcoming words they will run into in the stories they are reading. By reading the word wall every day they can then move through the stories faster because by the time they get there they are familiar with the words. I keep my word walls 2 weeks ahead of where they are in their reading books. But really, its whatever works.