Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Can it possibly be only 17 more days until Christmas? I'm not even going to give excuses for not doing a Thanksgiving post. Suffice to say I did my fair share of being thankful and had a wonderful time with family and friends.

No pictures except for this one

due to the fact that lately anytime we go to an activity/gathering I forget to take pictures. But taking pictures of food I remember...wonder why that is?

This past Friday Hubby and I once again went to the Singing Christmas Tree with a group from our church. This is my favorite activity of the year. We had a wonderful time and, once again, I forgot to take along the camera... at least I'm consistent.

Saturday evening we went to a progressive dinner with our adopted adult Sunday school class. I should clarify that we are the adopted ones, due to the fact that we are both teaching 2nd grade kids during the time period that the adults meet. It was SO much fun. I have to admit it's nice to hang around with people your own age from time to time.

Just 9 more school days left until Christmas break...and so much work to do. After the break we'll be doing our state testing, which I actually look forward to... in a way. The Professor will be taking the writing test this year in addition to math and science. So he will be doing a few practice runs between now and then, including a 600 word research paper he's working on right now.

I CANNOT wait until this coming weekend when I will be able to indulge my intense desire to finally do some holiday baking! In plain language: I'll be baking up a storm. Our church is having it's annual Taste of Christmas, and so I'll have the perfect excuse for indulging in some holiday baking. I'm looking forward to trying a few new recipes, as well as some traditional ones. Our aprons are ready and waiting...and since I ALWAYS remember to take pictures of food, you can come here to drool :)

I have more to say (due to the fact that I have been posting so little) but the school books are beckoning. So maybe I'll manage to pull off posting two days in a row; we'll see.

Happy Tuesday~


Nikki said...

What cute cookies! I plan to do some baking this week and next, too. I cannot do it all at once because my little ones won't cooperate. But I like stretching it out anyway.

Happy Tuesday!

Rachel said...

I think we are one of a kind in the picture taking department. If I don't plan on taking them it doesn't happen. And even then... well, you get the idea.

I'm hoping to post my pictures today before I get too far behind. I have my camera now (hehe) but higher on the priority list was making our Christmas card.

The Singing Christmas Tree was so FUN! Lov eit every year. :)

Angela said...

Are those made out of marshmallows? Those are so cute!!

I remembered to take pictures at Thanksgiving, but I was the one taking them, so I'm not in any of them.

Kaye said...

"... at least I'm consistent."

Ha ha ha! You sound like me! I'm trying to be more conscious about remembering to take them, but sometimes that beloved mommy-brain takes over and I'm not sure if we even left the house with all of our shoes on. You get the idea.

I too am going to be doing my holiday baking this weekend. It will mainly be candy, as that's what I'm giving friends and coworkers for Christmas this year. I might just have to sample some myself...you know...to make sure it's edible and all. =)

Look forward to hopefully seeing another post from you tomorrow (or soon!). =)

MyKidsMom said...

Nikki: I know what you mean, sometimes mine don't cooperate either, lol. It's amazing the emergencies that can come up once you have something in the oven!

Rachel: I use to be SO much better at remembering pictures when mine were younger. I think now I look forward to the visiting so much, everything else just flies out of my mind!

Angela: Yes, those are chocolate-dipped marshmallows..SO very good! You dip them, then put them on the striped grahams. The kids had fun with it.

Kaye: Totally know what you mean! My son went to basketball practice (5:30am) last week, and somehow managed to get out the door in the prior day's shirt (need I mention he's approaching 13? I mention that more in reference to the boy smell). Have fun with the candy making...I'm available for any taste-testing:) I WISH!

Mrs. C said...

CUTE Pilgrim cookies! :]