Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Because the time has come for a new post

There is a time and season for everything, and I have to admit I'm wondering if the time for my blog has run its course.

It's not that I've grown tired of it. It has just simply faded into the background of life.

And now I find myself staying up with it mostly because I don't want to lose my connection to some friends who I have met through this venue, and who I have become very fond of. The people I have connected with through blogging know me better (through my blog) than some of the people I come into regular contact with in "real" life. Maybe because you can't always specifically choose each person you come into contact with through school, church, family, ect? But you connect with another blogger because of many things you have in common. Or because they're uplifting, or make you laugh. Or maybe because you see a kindred spirit in them that makes you just keep coming back. To put it in simple terms: you just click. Which may not be a very good way of explaining it, but it's the best that I can do.

Having said all that, I have to also say that life as I know it right now is at a busy, but pleasant place for me. Homeschooling my three children is more challenging than it has ever been. I wouldn't say I'm a school teacher at heart, but I consider it a good investment. And the right thing for my family at this point in time.

My oldest will be progressing to Junior High (7th grade) in the Fall, but is on course to be in 7th grade curriculum this Spring. Teaching him is not beyond my abilities, but definitely is starting to stretch them at times. Fortunately, he loves to learn, and I have to admit that I enjoy spending the time with him, and refreshing my memory of so many areas of learning alongside him.

The Princess is making strides in the area of reading, which is more than a baby step for her. I wouldn't call it a light-bulb moment exactly, but some things are starting to click. This homeschooling mom really needed that to happen. It's a blessing, and an encouragement.

The Artist is preparing for his State writing test. Which means extra work on top of regular lessons. Enough said.

And all of that adds up to a somewhat mentally exhausted individual (which would be me) when bed-time rolls around. Which used to be blogging time. It's a good tired, but not one that is dependable as far as producing an intelligible post.

But life has an ebb and flow, and sometimes it's different than you expect it will be. I can already foresee some definite changes on the way this year, and it's hard at this point to tell how they will affect life in general. So for now I plan to post somewhat erratically. There are so many wonderful memories recorded here; I'm not quite willing to close it up and make it only a thing of the past.

Still, I think this would be a good time to express my appreciation to my blogging friends who have stuck with me through the last few years. I have so enjoyed getting to know you, watching your children grow, and hearing your thoughts and feelings on so many issues, and life in general. I've prayed for your family and friends as you've shared burdens, and rejoiced with you during the good times in life. Although we tend to differentiate between "real" and "blogging" friends at times in our writing, I consider so many of you as simply dear friends. And I thank you for that.


Nikki said...

Please don't stop blogging! I enjoy reading whatever you write whenever you have the time. I have enjoyed our "virtual" friendship over the past couple of years, and I would hate to see it end.

Angela said...

Ditto on Nikki's comment!

I completely understand being too busy to blog regularly, but I hope you don't give it up completely!

Kaye said...

You are so very sweet! I love reading what's on your mind, whether it be current issues, family moments, food, fun, or anything else that may arise.

Please hang around and just blog when you can. I don't want to lose touch with what is going on in your life (even if you can still read about mine!).

So excited for all of the kids. The Professor must be a really smart kid. I would be fearful of homeschooling, as I've always considered myself intelligent and might have my own children give me a lesson in humility! =) Also very excited for the Princess. I know she's (and you've) been struggling with her reading and it's awesome that she's having some success in that area. It says a lot about you as a teacher and mom as well! And good luck to the Artist and his testing.

I too have loved some of the relationships I have built due to blogging...including the one with you.

Please know that I'll continue to keep you and your family in my prayers and I'll be around to read any time you get the chance to write.

Love you!

Marva said...

Oh sweet friend, please don't stop now. I would so miss you and be so sad that I did not get to keep up with you and your precious family. I so know how you feel, especially in the summer. Please keep it up and post when you can.

That is so wonderful that the children are progressing so well.

Thank you dear friend and I am honored to know you. Praying for wonderful changes in the new year for your family and that the Lord will keep his hand on you all.


Nikki said...

How are you doing? I haven't heard from you lately, and I'm hoping (and assuming) that it's just because you have been busy. I hope nothing's wrong.

Frasypoo said...

Its hard!I have the same closeness to my blogging friends and its hard to leave!

Mr. Crazy said...

Yeah, all those could be good reasons. But this blogging thing is sort of habit forming. Don't do anything hasty now...

Kaye said...

Miss you!