Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 Swans a swimming

Well, it's official- only one week left till Christmas day. I must say, here in our household it can't come soon enough-and I'm the worse of all. I always have a hard time waiting to give gifts. It's much harder than when I was looking forward to Christmas myself as a child. That was exciting, but nothing like the thrill of giving my children gifts. My little girl has been industriously wrapping gifts for us this week. She basicly finds something laying around the house and wraps it up. Yesterday she called daddy at work to ask if he would take her to Grandmas house so she could give her a gift. Of course, I had to caution him we would need to check it out after Grandma opened it to see if it was an item neccessary to the running of our household! (now that I think of it, we ARE missing a debit card...I wonder?) Most of my many rolls of wrapping paper have jagged edges where she has ripped another piece off for yet another present. In spite of this, it's hard for me to discourage her. I like to see her excitement over giving to others. She actually gave her brothers the real gifts she had picked out for them last night- she didn't seem to realize she didn't open one herself. I finally set her down to frost and decorate a Christmas tree-shaped cake (one of the bake sale mistakes). That kept her busy for about 20 minutes. I'm thinking the playdough I had set aside as a stocking stuffer is coming out sometime this afternoon. That should buy me an hour or two~


Mrs. Darling said...

That is so cute! Bless her little heart!

Becca said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourself! I've loved browsing through your blog--you'll be a regular stop from now on.