Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tis' the Season

What a weekend! Saturday I thought I would go to a few of the stores I've been trying to get to for weeks and just hadn't had the time. How could I forget how congested it gets this time of year? Theres a mall about 15 minutes from my house that just added a 8 level parking garage. It didn't seem to make a difference. I was stuck in that parking lot for 45 minutes- no, I wasn't looking for a spot that whole time, in fact I was barely moving. I figured out after about 5 minutes into it I was NOT going to get a parking spot, no matter how far I was willing to walk. The next 40 minutes was just trying to get OUT of that parking lot. Unbelievable. The one place that wasn't too busy was the grocery store- not exactly my idea of a fun time, but I did get the baking supplies I needed. I started on my cakes for our church bake sale at about 7pm. I thought I would bake the Christmas tree shaped cakes in those disposable pans- you know, the cheap ones. Unfortunately, the whole cake became disposable. They just would not cook even for some reason. So, three cake mixes later (and with a REAL baking pan) we finally had a winner. Maybe I should have just donated the money, huh? It did turn out rather cute (picture is on my sidebar). And they sold it for $10. so I think I broke even- all for a good cause. I wasn't going to buy any treats myself, being on a diet and all. But I just wasn't strong enough to resist pecan, almond, and hazelnut brittle. Wow- was that good! Tonight was our annual Christmas play, and it was as wonderful a production as always. We have a few people at our church that really could be on Broadway, they just have beautiful voices. And I always think it's planned at the perfect time each year, right when the busyness starts to make everything blur- it kindof helps everything come back in focus.~

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Mrs. Darling said...

I ended up buying 5 bucks of stuff too. I threw some of it away that was dry and tasteless but there were a few things the kids liked.

I cannot believe the parking lot was that bad. Thanks for the heads up! I think I'll just drive around until a spot comes open outside! Goodness, thats just unbelievable! You know it would be quicker to park at some shop across 82nd and just walk a block or so. Of course that would depend on how much you buy and if you could carry it back. Maybe Tri Met is the way to go during this season!