Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mommy's Night Out

Today Hubby called in sick to work in the wee hours of the morning (actually technically he emailed in sick; his boss prefers it that way). He had been pretty sickly the night before. So I left the young ones with him and took my oldest over to my friends house for a few hours of homeschool (and of course a little visiting). After that I had the rest of the day to myself (yes, he was feeling better, I wouldn't make him watch the kids sick!). Of course, by the time I dropped off my son and took care of a few little home things it was 2:30pm. So I headed over to a few thrift stores that are farther from home, so I rarely find time to go to them anymore. I know, you're saying "ENOUGH with the Thrift stores!" But it was my version of going to the department store during a really great sale: I bought hose, a lovely brown wool skirt, a snowflake table cloth with matching (well not exactly, but close) snowflake Debbie Mumm dinner plates. Best of all, I dug into a big bin and found the very Imaginex dinosaur I had been pricing for my younger son for $3.99!
Probably best of all for my kids was the fact that mommy came home feeling very refreshed from her relaxing time out. I did forget the graham crackers for our gingerbread houses we plan to make today. I was getting ready to head back out, when my daughter suggested I have daddy go instead. She said mommy had been gone too long already! That wasn't really what daddy wanted to do, but somebody has him wrapped around her finger (and it isn't me!)~

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