Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rudolph and Scrooge

Last evening I sat down to read our Christmas bedtime story to the kids. Of course, with three kids the odds of agreeing on the same story weren't too good- so we narrowed it down to 2. My little girl listened spellbound to the story of Rudolph. The book I read was printed the year after I was born (it almost qualifies as an antique!). The pictures were like watercolors (o.k. humour me, I have a fascination with older books). She was so glad when Santa could read his list because of the light from Rudolph's nose. Then I looked at the book of Scrooge. I honestly had forgotten how the real version goes, it's a little different than Mickey's Christmas carol portrays! It was quite fun portraying the different ghosts in the story (Mrs. Darling, I could actually imagine you reading this book out loud as I read!). There is something comforting about the thought that the same stories are handed down through the years, that they too have their little part in our celebrations of the Christmas Season~

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Mrs. Darling said...

If i can find the link for you I'll give you the link to the story of Scrooge online complete with pics. I bet I lost it now. But I'll look!