Friday, January 04, 2008

Taking that first step

Today, in keeping with one of my New Years resolutions, I signed up with I am really excited about this.

In the past, I've found one of the best stratagies for losing weight is to keep a journal of EVERYTHING that goes in the mouth. It really makes you think twice about those extra helpings and misc. tidbits that add lots of extra calories. So in the past I would scribble down all the info. in a notebook and figure the calories at the end of the day.

Well, out with the old,in with the new- this site keeps track of all this, my exercise (of any kind) and even keeps track of fiber, iron, good fats, and other misc. stuff I never tried to keep track of before. You can then look at a daily report on your progress and see what you need to work on. Now, I know there are those of you who would probably hate to see a daily report like that, but I love lists and being able to see progress while working towards a goal, so this will work great for me.

I am also going to be working up to an hour each day on the treadmill (slowly but surely) and I am incorporating an exercise routine with the kids into our schoolday. It will be fun to do this together, and will help them get some energy out during our rainy weather season.

I want to lose about 20 pounds, but my main goal is to get fit and feel better. With my pregnancies, migraines and female issues, I've spent more than enough time feeling sick, fatigued, and overall crummy. And I'm convinced that I can naturally feel much better than this. Naturally meaning without taking pills or stimulants to get there. Sounds a little overoptimistic? Maybe so, but I already feel better just taking the first step.


Mrs. Darling said...

Well good for you. I dont know how tied in you are to that program but take a peek at Sparkpeople. It's an incredible online site to keep your exercize and food diary and it also has menu plans. If you dont like what is on there you clikc on thefood and up pops a list of all the foods you can substitute for that food along and still keep carbs, fats proteins and calories balanced at the amount you set originally. I'm going to take a look at the website you mentioned. Ive never heard of it.

mykidsmom said...

You know, I did sign up with sparkpeople last year but didn't really ever get into it. One thing that bothered me (not exclusive to them) was the fact that they said I didn't need to lose weight- even though I know I'm not really healthy and definitely need to lose some body fat. (I weigh more than most people would quess). I think the accepted weight amounts have been moved up with the sizes. Sparks is more of a "community" or support type, I just want something to keep track of things and give me a thumbs up or down. Also, I like them keeping track of all the other stuff. Basicly I just felt this was a good fit for me. I'm trying it for a month, then I will see what I think after that. But so far so good. I think I am going to open another blog discussing health things and such. Who knows, maybe I should take classes to be a nutritionist! Lol I wonder if there is any money in that?

mykidsmom said...

I was curious so I jumped onto sparkspeople site. It just seems so indepth to me. And I don't like filling out all personal info they want you to. I'm probably too tunnel-visioned.

Mrs. Darling said...

Well dont start another blog. Just do it on this one. Lots of people (including myself) mix everything together on one blog. You havent yet found a voice for this one so you may as well talk diet.

And as far as online prgrams its whatever works for everyone. Thats why htere are so many out there to choose from! You go girl.