Monday, February 11, 2008

To be Continued....

No, I have not deserted my democracy series. I am actually finding more food for thought as hubby and I discuss the issues being raised in this years political race (and the issues NOT being raised).
Most of our conversations rotate around kids and church, so this has added a little spice to the mix, so to speak.

That said, I have to admit severe headaches have sidetracked me for the time being. I suffer from migraines, but have pretty much gotten the count down to 2 per month. However, when my neck injury acts up, it goes to basically a constant dull roar. The Chiropracter wants me in his office 2x a week- I'm thinking he has a kid or two he must be putting through college, LoL . I wonder if Hilary's health plan will cover Chiropractors.....?

I went through my stretches this morning, noticed the fireworks weren't shooting off in my head, and hit the floor running to get as much housework/schoolwork done as I could. Being that I have 3 somewhat willing helpers, we're doing pretty good so far. It's so nice when those fireworks stop.

So, if all goes well, part 3 coming soon!

PS. Did I mention I'm running a children's program at church for the next 2 nights during special meetings? That's sure to keep the headaches away! Thank goodness hubbys my somewhat willing partner! LoL


Nicole said...

My hubby suffers from migraines at times. Hope you are feeling better soon. Being a Canadian I am totally ignorant to your politics but I have learnt some from you. Now I have somewhat of a clue what is going on watching tv. Thanks

mykidsmom said...

Nicole: Thanks for stopping by! I imagine our American politics must seem like a 3-ring circus at times to those looking on from other countries! LoL

Frasypoo said...

I get migraines too.It has now whittled down to one a year.It used to be awful.

Mr. Crazy said...

oooh, hillary, hillary, hillary. Shuuush. Don't tell.