Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Happenings

Here are my three kidlets all ready for Easter morning services.

Hubby and I are both Sunday school teachers (different grades), so we also had separate parties in our classes that morning. Of course, that meant I had two parties to prepare for, LoL. So I made about 5 dozen cookies, a fruit tray (always a hit with the little kids) and many goody bags with assorted items of candy and toys-thank goodness for the dollar store!

I had planned to roast a turkey for Easter dinner (we're not big pork fans), but hubby surprised me with the decision to take the family out to eat- he said I had done enough work on other things, he wanted me just to relax- what woman would argue with that? It is such a rare occasion for us to go out to eat (I always think of all the groceries I could get with that money) so it really was a treat- and no kitchen to clean up afterwards!

Every year our church puts on an Easter performance, and this year my boys had a small part in one of the scenes. While it was a small part, they still had to be at rehearsals three evenings this past week, which wasn't easy to fit in the schedule. However, they were thrilled to be a part of it all. I look forward to this performance each year because it's totally centered on the true meaning of Easter, and in particular this year it focused on Heaven and what awaits us there (loved ones, ect). So I cried liked usual, and felt like my soul had been refreshed. I need that sometimes with all the other hustle and bustle going on. I suppose we all do.
Because the day was so packed with activities, we didn't get to our Easter egg hunt until after the Evening services. My kids were really good about this, considering they were really looking forward to it. If you live in the Northwest, you know this is still our rainy season, so we did our hunt in the house where it was nice and dry.

I was amazed when I went into several stores this year, Easter items are getting bigger and more expensive it seems. I had decided I wanted to keep ours low-budget, so it didn't end up becoming Christmas-in-a-basket! I picked up a few dollar toys, chocolate bunnies (a requirement) and a small amount of candy.

Of course, much of the fun was in the scavenger hunt anyway.

End result: they had alot of fun, and were quite content with their small amount of loot!

My daughter and I made these decoupage eggs together. She was fascinated with the whole process. We invited her brothers to join in, but they were immersed in the creation of a lego kingdom...can you imagine boys wanting to do that instead of decoupage?

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter~


Mrs. Darling said...

Looks like they had fun!

Mrs. Darling said...

since you're all over the boards today you may as well put up a new post. Posting every day? What a novel idea!

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mykidsmom said...

Shame, shame on you- check out my new post:)