Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Serious Thoughts

Have I mentioned before that I am a mild-mannered mother-of-three? Okay, if so, you know I'm about ready to drop a bomb!

My window to the world is my computer. Sometimes I put the radio on while doing afternoon chores, but they basically tell you local news, along with repeating National news storys over and over and over...

So I stick to a few sites on the computer for my news. And no, I don't spend alot of time on this. I skim and give my brain a little out-of-the-normal-routine stimulation (for anyone who will feel the need to say I should be tending to the family during this time; I mean that sweetly:).

An article caught my eye. The Supreme Court of the state of Texas (where I have many relatives) overturned a stay of execution by President Bush. Now let me just say here: I pray for our President. And all the Bush-bashing people who say they want change would be much better off to do the same. But it would seem like slinging viscious words and disrespectful names (and I'm putting it mildly) is the easy way out. Regardless of who get's in the White House, it's your responsibility as a Christian to pray for your Leaders. Okay, sermon over.

So the stay of execution was overturned. So who is this man facing lethal injection?

He is a Mexican national who participated in the gang rape and murder of two Texas girls: ages 14 and 16. He was convicted of the crimes and sentenced to death.

So why should this be overturned? Has new evidence come to light questianing his conviction? Was he not read his rights? Was there a lack of evidence?

None of the above. It would seem that when someone comes to our country as a national of another country, they feel they should not be judged strictly by our laws; they should be allowed legal help from their country, and their country should have a say in how justice is carried out.

The Mexican government is claiming "violations of international law" and has filed an appeal against the United States with the International Court of Justice. Several human rights groups are also involved.

I am compelled to ask: Who is sticking up for the rights of 2 youngs girls who had their lives visciously taken away?

There are 43 other Mexican nationals awating execution who could be affected by this ruling.

And should you feel so inclined to claim some kind of prejudice on my part, don't bother. I don't care if you're black,white, yellow, brown, ect. When you commit a crime you should be punished. Remember that equality that get's talked about so much in speeches? Well, now it's staring you in the face. I could list my friends and relatives who are mexicans, but it wouldn't matter...the color of someones skin does not give them the right to take away someones life. Or to be punished any differently for doing so.

And if you feel more pity for this man than for these girls, there is something seriously wrong.

Maybe it would be wise for people to commit crimes in the country by which they would like to be judged.

Unfortunately, America is becoming a place that criminals from other countrys are often fleeing to to escape capture and punishment. And they often commit repeat crimes here because they basically don't exist. No name, No social security number. This is not just my opinion; there are statistics to back it up.

America may be the country of opportunity, but not that kind of opportunity.


Nikki said...

Don't get me started!!

Angela said...

Wow...that is unbelievable.

I really came to your blog to thank you for reading mine...and I was very very pleased to find that the first article I read describes exactly how I feel about about what goes on in our country that was "founded on Christianity." I, too, pray for our President, and it worries me to think that things could get even worse after the election this year!

Frasypoo said...

This is something that I am passionate about too.Its awful and that it should happen here.What about the way Americans are treated in Mexico ?
Suddenly everybody is a critic of the US.
I think our president is hated because he is a Christian.

PS:I am still here my brother left on Monday and I get ready to go the end of April.But you can also email me at frasypoo at

mykidsmom said...

Nikki: I have suspected you also are not as mild-mannered as you seem, LoL:)

Angela: Thanks for stopping by! As much as I try to stick to "family" stuff on my blog, sometimes I feel that I need to post about things like this. You're right, our Country IS NOT heading in a good direction this election (regardless of whether the Dem. or Rep. gets in). It would seem like Christians praying may be a last resort(?).

Frasypoo: It is SO good to hear from you! I was having withdrawal symptoms, seriously!
I can always count on you to have that passionate reaction to things; there are just some things that merit feeling strongly about, and this is one of them.