Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comfort Food

I enjoy looking at pictures of food almost as much as eating it...almost. I love to linger over those cookbooks that feature a picture for every recipe.

So since we're still feeling the fatigue that comes from fighting a virus and finally escaping it (like that drama?), I felt the need to cook up some makes-you-feel-good comfort food.

I had been wanting to try a Baked beans recipe that I found at Tammy's Recipes, but hadn't gotten to it yet. It turned out to be one of the best versions of this dish I've ever tasted, sweet with just a little bit of tang from the cider vinegar. My crew gave it a Big two thumbs up!

I had also been looking for a cornbread recipe to fit our family and had tried quite a few different ones. We finally settled on this one, with just a few tweaks to make it a perfect fit. I highly recommend it; it's light, a little bit sweet, and doesn't crumble when you eat it (a plus with kids:) My boys were convinced from past experience that they really didn't care for cornbread, but they ate multiple helpings of this...with blueberry honey drizzled on top.

As you can see, we're not a meat-at-every-meal family; but with the baked beans and broccoli, my kids get plenty of protein in this meal.

We finished up with some Apple Berry Crisp ala mode. I love to make crisps for dessert because you can use practically any fruit you have on hand, and it's fast to throw together. To this dieting (but not today) girl- this was heavenly!


Nikki said...

Sometimes, you just have to take a break from your diet. "Cheating" tastes sooo much better when you diet, doesn't it?

MyKidsMom said...

As one dieter to another: Yes!!!!

Minimalist Mommy said...

Oh how did you know. I was planning to make beans tommorrow and will try this one. Thanks

Kristy said...

This looks wonderful... I'd never thought of blueberry honey but I'll have to give it a try! I LOVE blueberries!

~Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

Mrs. Darling said...

Looks yummy.

Sorry you all are still under the weather over there. I guess I'll see you Sunday.

Marva said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon! You should be......that wonderful meal should have helped! Yummy........

I'll have to give that bean recipe a go.......sounds yummy!