Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thrift Store Thursdays- Girl stuff

I love looking at little girl's toys at the local Toys R Us store. They have everything. And my favorite section is where they have the items to "play house": food, aprons, irons, appliances. Just about anything you can think of, only in miniature size. But have you looked at those price tags? Yikes! So I was quite happy to run across this Little Tikes play kitchen (with sound effects no less) at a Goodwill store for $4.99. And since my daughter has tons of play food (I'm not even sure where it all came from), it will hopefully (the food, that is) have a place to reside, instead of being spread out on the living room floor.

If you'd like to join in on Thrift Store Thursdays, drop by Minimalist Mommy's blog and leave your link.


Marva said...

WOW!!!!!! I should move to your part of the country just for the thrift stores!


That is wonderful and soooo cute!!

Kristy said...

Wow, what a bargain! I'm sure your daughter will have loads of fun with it!


Nikki said...

When we move, we will have a Goodwill and children's consignment store near us, and I plan to visit them often. Hopefully, I can find something like that for Sarah Beth. She loves the kitchen set at church. She actually cried one day when we pulled her from it to leave!

Minimalist Mommy said...

That is great, my SON would love that. He plays with something similar at church (beauty table) and would love that. I have the play food but would love to find a workbench for him. Great find.
By any chance did you see Oprah today. It was on living simply challenge. Wow amazing.