Monday, April 07, 2008

Homeschool,Home Projects, and more- Oh my!

Right now I feel like I am juggling about 8 balls...and I don't know how to juggle!

The good thing about it is that I don't feel at all stressed about having so many things to do; but it would be so nice if I could skip sleep for a couple days and use that time to get more things done...but I'm getting too old to do that.

So about this weekends accomplishments (which I know at least Nikki wants to hear) :

I did empty about half of the contents of our shed out, which means Goodwill is about to hit the jackpot, on a small scale. It will be strange to see my own things in there when I shop next time...hubby is threatening horrible things if I buy anything back, LoL.

The curtains that I was going to sew, even though I don't know how to...are still in my dresser drawer. I am determined to get them done this week, no matter what...unless I'm just too busy.

I did get to the thrift store and picked up this Melissa & Doug responsibility chart for the Princess ($3.99). I am so happy about that, because I was planning on making my own chart, but pre-made is so much better time wise. And the Princess needs this, as it not only lists chores, it also includes behavior. She does very well when it comes to being nice and such things, but sometimes she gets a bad case of the we are having to teach her that, while we love her and spoil her a tad bit, she does not reign supreme.

I also picked up Hooked on Spanish to use in our homeschool studies. I had gotten a very basic Spanish CD at the beginning of the year, but I wanted something that would work better with my two younger kids. I paid $20 for it at Big Lots; a store I love, and thus need to limit my visits to, so that I don't spend money I shouldn't:)

I was able to visit one of my girls from my Sunday school class. Her father had a root canal that went bad, and was so loaded up on pain killer, he didn't remember me (he has met me several times). Poor fella. If I had to choose between one of those root canals, and going through labour again...I'd choose neither.

My sweet little girl has been battling on and off fevers, on a minor scale. Nothing we've had to take her to the Doctor for, but enough to make her feel crummy. I stayed home with her from morning church, but after some extra rest and a bath (her, not me), I took her to evening church. Our church was having a Spring Banquet, and the class for the kids was taught by their crazy Uncle (from hubby's side of course) so they were excited about that. My bil is actually a great guy, and all the kids have alot of fun when he's there.

As far as this weeks school plan: we'll be back to our two co-op homeschool half-days with my girlfriend (Mrs.Darling, in case you don't already know), so that covers English grammar and Literature. And I have promised to have a knock-out science experiment ready for one of the co-op days...and these kids expect you to deliver, LoL.

We will continue our study on the Composer William Handel...which reminds me: I wanted to post the link to a great site I found called classics for kids. They have printable sheets (free, of course!) that you can use while teaching about the different composers; they also have the story behind musical compositions, which you can read as you listen to the music. One of my favorite things about this site is the orchestra, where you can click on individual instruments to hear them play. I am trying to convince one of my kids that the cello is the best instrument in the orchestra, and that it would make this Mommy's heart glad to have one of her children playing it to her in her old takers on that yet.

And we will also continue on our World explorer voyage. As well as start Hooked on Spanish.

My little professor will be planning and cooking a dinner one night this week. Which should be interesting...I'll post details after the big event.

Oh, and my boy's are starting Taekquon do ...which means 2 nights a week they'll get a nice little work-out.

I need to list some things on Ebay; I just wish it didn't take so much time.

And last, but not least, I am determined to get more Spring cleaning/organizing done. The weather may be a bit dreary, but the feeling of Spring is in my bones, and I feel like a momma bird getting her nest ready. But not for a little birdie... or a little human for that matter.

Just thought I better get that takes so little to start those rumors :)


Minimalist Mommy said...

I have done that, donated stuff to goodwill and saw it sitting on the shelf. One time I almost picked up something that was know you have a problem when. Great chart for chores. I think my little guy is getting ready for that.

Mrs. Darling said...

So you picked up a Melissa and doug chart. Good for you.

Nikki said...

It sounds like you are just as busy this week as I am. Or will be, as soon as I can get some boxes!

Marva said...

Busy as bee....that is what she be!!! Okay, i am really bad at rhyming!

Great job lady! Have a wonderful week! Blessings!!!