Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Books from our shelf

Our family loves books. I'm not sure if I taught my children to love books (as funny as that sounds), but I have made sure they were always surrounded by them. And we take time to read together nearly every day. I have posted about our books before...so here are some more books from our shelf.

One of my kids favorite series are the Eyewitness books. We have about 6 or 7 of them that I've picked up at various times from the thrift store or garage sales. They are great books if your kids like to pour over a subject. They are rather large, and just packed with information on the title subject. As you can see, we have a reptile book; I assure you this is only one of many we have on that favorite subject of my middle child.

The other day the artist, and the princess, walked into my bedroom each carrying one of these books. My son wanted to read some of the dinosaur facts to me to see "if I knew...such and such", while my daughter wanted to show me the fox that was "endorable" and "why was it in the doggy book?" LoL.

With books like this, we could almost skip school all together...but my oldest son wouldn't let me get away with that.

Value-tales These are basically biographys with a twist for the kids. They highlight a famous person(s) and a character trait or value that they wish to emphasize in their story.

For example: self-discipline is Alexander Graham Bell, Determination is Hellen Keller, Sharing is The Mayo brothers, ect. They add some sort of animal/critter to each story to help tell it, and to put it on a little child's level. There are around 30 in the series, I've been able to collect about 25 of them from assorted sales. I have seen some listed on Ebay from time to time. Anyway, these are great books.

I admit it's hard for me to resist bringing home a book nearly every time I go to a thrift store. And I can often do so for .99 cents or less. Of course, there is always the library; but I like to keep my books (especially favorites) and they really frown on that there....

*Don't forget this is weigh-in day ...which means as soon as I get the courage to, I'm going to do just that:) And I'm going to post some more low-fat recipes hopefully later on in the day.

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Marva said...

These sound like great reads. I love the thrift store. The library is great for those one time kind of reads. Blessings!!!!!

Cannot wait to see those recipes. Yummy! Blrssings!!