Monday, April 28, 2008

Is it Monday already?

It was truly a beautiful weekend in our neck of the woods. On Saturday, we saw a high of 75 degrees!!! After a week of steady rain and temperatures in the 30's, I almost felt delirious with joy to be out in the sunshine.
Our church is having an Old-fashioned day next Sunday. So I found myself searching the local Thrift stores Saturday in hopes of finding something that by some stretch of the imagination would resemble pioneer clothing; sadly, I was not successful. I'm afraid most of their "old" clothing was 60's and 70's retro.
However, I was not totally disappointed, as I found a new organizing gadget. I picked this up for $7.99 (blush) at Goodwill. And the blush is because I really feel that is a little on the spendy side for a thrift store. But as soon as I laid eyes on this, all I could think of was the leaning tower of Pisa that is my canned goods cupboard.

You see, the one area of my food supply that I always have stocked up, even in lean times, is my canned goods. Sometimes I do this through sales, but the gleaners program we belong to also helps in this area. But I really hate digging through those stacks of cans. And invariably there is that one little can that should have been used first (many times over) but ended up last and is no longer safe for consumption...

Anyway, here it is put together.

To be honest, I doubt it will save me any space. But it will definitely make it easier to keep my miscellaneous cans (it holds up to 40) organized. And I looked up the website listed on the box and found this has a retail price of $55.49!

That made me feel a little better about the $7.99 :)


Marva said...

woohoo for you! Great find! So glad you got some of this warm Southern weather! Have a great day! Blessings!!!!!1

Niki said...

Oh wow, I have never seen one of those. That would make it easier to stay organized with the canned goods. I also love the old fashion idea for church. I remember going to a camp as a kid dressed as pioneers. I hope my son gets to experience that.

Nikki said...

Hello, again! It feels like so long since I've been here.

I could use one of those organizers, but I sure won't pay $60 for it!