Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Strange things are happening to me

Things are a little strange around our house this week. Or should I say stranger than usual;)

About a week ago hubby developed a rash down his left arm and hand. Being a normal red-blooded male, he pretty much ignored it. Within a few days, he was in a bit of pain...which landed him in the Doctors office Monday morning in a lot of pain.

The verdict: he has a rather bad case of the shingles! The Doctor said it's caused by the chicken pox virus lying dormant in your nervous system. It can be brought to the surface (so to speak) by stress, or in hubby's case, the upper respiratory cough and cold he had a couple weeks ago.

And it happens to be contageous...I'm not sure whether I had chicken pox when I was a little kidlet; it would be kindof embarrassing to come down with a case of it now.

I'm not sure why it would be embarrassing, it just would, LoL.

The Doctor said it would take around 2 weeks for it to totally clear up. He's taking antibiotics (to the tune of $110. a prescription; I guess they don't have a generic for it) , but he's popping advil for the pain part. So he's keeping us at arms length (myself gladly) but my daughter isn't too happy about that.

On the plus side (looking for that silver lining), the kids are enjoying having him home. I should probably say that because of the contageous nature of this condition, he may have to be on sick leave for the whole week. His boss is a very nice lady and is working with us on this.

Meanwhile, he is being quite a help around the house. This morning I was served breakfast in bed (which could either make me look lucky or lazy, LoL) and I am enjoying hearing the kids banter back and forth with him. He really is an awesome Dad.

Well, I'm getting ready to head to the Chiropractor. Unless they're celebrating the Fourth of July early, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be seeing fireworks every time I stand up. So I think the old neck and back need a tune-up.

Life sure is interesting :)


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my, shingles are no fun! He really needs to take it easy! Hope the doc can help you back and neck! Take care.

Marva said...

Praying for a quick recovery for your hubby! Hope you get a great adjustment! Blessings!!!!

Nikki said...

Your kids haven't had chicken pox? Did they have the vaccine? I refused the vaccine for Sarah Beth, and I wish you were closer so I could expose her to it. But, honestly, I did not think that shingles was contagious.

Nikki said...

By the way, it's time to update your other blog. I know that you have to have something else to say.

Niki said...

Oh my, my friends father had that and it is painful indeed. His cleared up nicely but they told him to beware of it coming back??? I don't know much about it though.

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