Friday, May 16, 2008

A Hodge-Podge Post from a Delinquent Homeschooler

That about sums it up. Need I say more?

What sane person would make their children stay inside and do schoolwork when the sun is streaming through the windows, the temperature is pushing 80 degrees, and that irresistible urge to hop on something (other than the living room couch) is in the air?

Okay...other than Mrs. Darling, LoL. And she is very sane. Just so we clear that up;)

After all, our rain and clouds will return next week. You have to admit, Oregon wouldn't be such a beautiful color of green if not for all that rain.

They've actually tricked me into believing that. It only took ten years. But back to my kids.

Their little brains (remember, the smaller your brain is, the smarter you are) will not shrivel up if they miss a few hours of schooling. Okay...3 days to be exact. Monday's supposed to be pretty nice too:) I figure I've stacked up a few days with all those 1 day holidays and teacher-parent meetings that we never took off. Although I plan to do our inside gardens Monday, but that's fun.

We headed into town tonight to get out of the heat. I convinced hubby that the Thrift Store was air-conditioned (and their bathroom really was :) . We picked up an ugly, but sturdy, dresser for the boys room. 6 feet long. Built of real (and quite heavy) wood. I pity the Goodwill guy who has to help my hubby load it tomorrow. I'm convinced I can transform that dresser into something less ugly. I'm thinking of it as a huge treasure you can't quess what theme I'm using to redo my boy's bedroom. But that's a future post.

By the way, at the tender of age of 1 week, 3 of our herb plants are sprouting up. For some reason, I am always impressed when anything I plant actually grows. Although I've planted lots of things that have grown quite well. Just wait til you see how big my tomatoe plants get...I'm actually afraid to add miracle grow to the mix;)

Tonight I am participating in a Ladie's Night Out sponsored by our church. We'll be meeting at Sweet Tomatoes (an extended salad, soup, pasta, bread buffet). The last time I participated in this, 50 women attended. And I talked my MIL into coming along this time.

I go out to eat rarely enough that I'm actually looking forward to the eating part quite a bit. There's nothing like a 20 different items salad.

I just hope I still remember how to carry on an adult conversation;) Although, I've never found anyone who's more interesting to talk to than my own children. And hubby of course. But then, I'm probably somewhat prejudiced in thinking that;)

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend~

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Marva said...

Have a good time! Cannot wait for the giveaway! Glad you found the dresser!

See ya on Monday! Blessings!!!

MyKidsMom said...

So good to see you Marva; have a great time with hubby(on your trip)as well!