Saturday, May 24, 2008

***KID'S STUFF GIVEAWAY***ONLY 3 more days!!!

One of our favorite places to go window-shop is Michaels craft store. Beside having endless craft supplies, they also have all those bins of reasonably priced kid's stuff.

Plus, they almost always have a Sunday paper 40% off coupon..what a deal!

So we put together some of our favorite items to use as a blog giveaway. I should say we bought replicas...we're not giving you our old stuff, LoL.

One of the items in the giveaway package is this Thermal ice cream and slushy maker by kid's concoctions. This thing really works ; I myself was surprised when we had ice cream after 5 minutes of shaking;)

I'm also including a 3-pack of moon sand, bubbles, and various craft projects. If you have only boys/girls, I can adjust a few of the crafts to accommodate that.

If you don't have young kids, still feel free to enter. Think of how much your nephews/nieces/grandkids would like this'd be the best auntie or granny ever:)

All you have to do is send $19.95...oops! That's right, it's a giveaway...

Just leave a comment about an activity (big or small) that you do with your kids (or a child in your life) or something that your parents/someone did with you that made you feel special as a child. It doesn't have to be overly creative, simple is fine. Anyone that so desires can leave multiple comments.

Since this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, I am leaving this contest open through the 27th of May. Here is a representation of the package (meaning this is what the winner gets unless they ask for an adjustment for age or gender) :

This giveaway is open to United States and Canadian Residents only.

SO DON'T BE SHY- let's see some comments!


Mrs Nespy said...

Wow! What a great giveaway...I want in! =) I only have one boy, so I don't really want him to have a princess wand or anything (giggle), but I trust your judgment.

You read my blog, so you know that I love doing anything my little guy likes...including crafts. He loves anything to do with bugs or creepy crawlies. Also, I recently mentioned planting some starter plants with him (okay, I did the work because he didn't want to get his hands dirty...I guess I should have gotten him gardening gloves!).

Anyway, count me in!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, my step-mom would take us to our individual dentist visits. After the visit, we would go out to eat. This really was a treat, as money was tight and we rarely went out to eat as a family. And usually it was just one of us kids.

Of course, it was hard to eat with a half-numbed mouth. But it is a good memory nonetheless. Anne

Kristy said...

Hope you're feeling better- and thanks for the give away!! My gils would LOVE this set... they enjoy crafts. (And I'm sure their baby brother might get a kick out of watching them play!)

A favorite activity around here is making a tent out of a quilt or sheet and reading books or playing dolls inside- Amy and Emily absolutely LOVE this!! Another favorite is making homemade playdough. I found some little cookie cutters in alphabet shapes at a garage sale, and Amy likes to cut out letters to spell simple words.

~Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

claire said...

Hello! What a great bunch of fun kid's stuff! I enjoy doing a lot of fun things with my children. We love to go to our local library for story time. Now that it is warming up a bit, we've been having fun running in the sprinklers in our backyard. We also like making up stories together.

Nikki said...

I haven't done too many craft-y things with Sarah Beth, yet, but I think it's time. She is just now learning how much fun coloring can be, and she loves puzzles. We got her some sidewalk chalk for her birthday, and I think she will really enjoy that.

Marva said...

The boys love puzzles, playdough and coloring! We are going to start fingerpainting soon too!

We are going to start making homemade ice cream again this summer (as we always do). I cannot wait until they taste that!:)

I also get them out so they so get nsome hands on, on the farm! They lovet o see the garden and cows and all of the trees. They love to climb the trees. It will not be long until they can actually help pick! ;)YAY!!!

Great giveaway and count me in!;)


ihchicky said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I especially love the icecream/slushy maker. I remember trying to make ice cream as a child and it never coming out quite right. We always had to end up putting it in the freezer to finish the job and consequently it turned out to be more like iced milk. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

Anonymous said...

My favorite activity to do with my children right now is riding bikes. We go out EVERY DAY. Inside would be painting and reading. We homeschool also, so we are always looking for new stuff to do:) Thanks,

Niki said...

I remember one activity in particular we used to do with my parents. We made old fashioned taffy. Once cooked we would spent over an hour pulling and kneading the stuff. Usually we were too tired to eat it after but there are so many fond memories of this time. Because it was so time consuming we only did it once or twice a year and it was such a treat. My mom just found this recipe and I am going to try it with my son soon. Hope you are feeling better.

Laura said...

Thanks for doing this!! My kids love anything crafty. We've recently been doing some coloring to mail to relatives, but they also love play-doh and anything involving scissors. :)

Jeni said...

Sock puppets!!!My mom would take old socks w/out a mate (oh and still clean) and let up glue on eyes, hair, scrap fabric for clothes, and some red lipstick. My brother and I would then put on a puppet show. Now I am continuing the tradition with my kids and they always have a blast.

It's fun to be able to pass on such a simple tradition. Maybe one day my kids will be making sock puppets with my grandkids:)

The Nelson Family said...

O.k. Here's my idea: One hot summer day I took a roll of butcher paper and some tempera paint outside. I smeared paint on a two paper plates (different colors) and had my girls walk through the paint and onto the paper. Voila! Cute foot printed paper to use for wrapping paper, wall art, or to cut out and decorate as different animals. I framed some. It's precious now, four years later. Instant fun, great keepsake and the best part is the easy cleanup. Just have a washbin full of sudsy water, or turn on the hose!
Thanks for running such a great giveaway!

Leah said...

Hi! My name's Leah and I'm seventeen years old, but a total 5 year old kid at heart. :]

so i was browsing through an arts and crafts store for a project and i came across that ice cream and slushy maker thermal bag..WELLLL, i've tried many times and i just can't get it to work..and yes, i do feel like a complete idiot. haha.
so i googled it and your blog was the only thing that really popped up; so my question is...

what did you do to get it to work??, cause i've just been hopelessly shaking that bag..haha