Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day

This weekend was so tiring, I confess I preferred to sleep in a little bit this morning instead of posting early.

The Ladies Conference at our church was absolutely wonderful. I learned so much, and seeing my favorite Teacher from school was a huge treat. I gave her a gift of a mug and coaster set, and wrote her a letter telling her how much she has helped me by what I learned from her in the past. It really was nice getting to see her again.

Sundays are always so busy to start with, Mother's day made it even more so. My husband drives a bus that picks up people and brings them to our church, so I didn't see much of him or the boys til the middle of the afternoon. When they arrived home, my children presented me with a beautiful heart locket necklace that said Mom and was decorated with a rose. It has a place for pictures inside, though I'm not sure how I'll get pictures that tiny. This is the fanciest gift I've ever gotten for mother's day, I have to admit I was impressed with hubby on this one;) My favorite thing is always the homemade cards, I love reading the ones the kids have made in the past.

After this presentation, we headed to my in-laws house for a family get-together to honor hubby's mother for Mother's day. I actually let hubby pick out his Mom's gift this year. I'm not exactly sure what it was, something technological;) Then my mother-in-law handed me a basket full of several items. One of them was a book called Raising Kings and Queens that they were selling at the conference this year. I had really wanted this book, but it's $20. price tag was a little too steep for me right now. I was so touched that she had bought this for me. I am blessed with one of those mother-in-laws who never critiques, but is always encouraging. She is a very special lady.

After this, we headed back to evening church, after which we had a Sunday school teacher's meeting. So it was after 9 pm before we made it back home. A full day, but a very nice one.

The Professor made me breakfast in bed today since he rode the bus yesterday. I had to laugh to myself. He brought in so much food, I could have grazed most of the day!

Only a few more weeks of school left, and then Summer vacation. Hopefully the weather will start cooperating...not holding my breathe on that one;) Have a wonderful day~

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Nikki said...

You let your husband pick out his gift for his mom? I would have to make my husband pick out a gift for his mom!

I am looking forward to next year when Sarah Beth can make me a card. That is what I really want, not a store bought one.