Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stretching Our Stimulus Check

We actually received our economic stimulus check three weeks ago, and it has sat untouched in our checking account since that time. Not because we have unlimited funds; rather, I'm looking to use it to it's greatest advantage.

Well, it would seem that others are hoping to get a piece of that check. The local grocery stores are offering to cash the checks and turn them into grocery cards with 15% added to the value of the card. That's a lot of groceries. It's not a bad idea...if you don't need the money for anything else;)

However, our local Fred Meyer was offering an extra 10% on all gift cards bought last week. And since they have a connected gas station, the gift cards can be used for gas as well. Which set me thinking: Just how long would it take me to spend $300 in gas at almost $4 a gallon...on second thought, don't think about it.

So this is what I got with the "free" $30:

  • 4 WHOLE chickens (18lbs) Foster Farm ( no hormones!)

  • 4 20oz boxes Kelloggs Raisin Bran (a favorite of mine- got to get my fiber:)

  • 4 16oz packages of Challenge Butter (16 sticks total!)

  • 4 lbs Braeburn Apples

  • 5 lbs Bananas

I have to admit it was Freddie's Founders week and they had some great deals. Anyway, just thought I would post this as it was on the brain.

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Marva said...

Great idea! We used a small portion to fund our little getaway. We are hanging on to the rest for now!;)


Mrs. Darling said...

So this reminded me that there even was such a thing as a stimulus check! I asked hubby if we had gotten ours. His answer? "I dont know. I suppose so. It was suppose to be automatically deposited to our account."

me - "So how much was it?"

him - I dont know.

And that was the beginning, the middle and the ending of the stimulus check conversation.