Thursday, June 05, 2008

15th Wedding Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Grandma will be picking up the kids this afternoon so hubby and I can have an evening out. And we plan to enjoy every minute of it!

It seems like so long ago when we were just a couple of kids who met at Christian college. Hubby had spent several years in the Navy before going to college, so we started at the same time. I remember how we planned to have a houseful of kids, and all the other plans you make when you're young and have the world before you.

Of course, you don't always realize at that point that life can throw some unexpected things at you, more so than you can imagine.

I'm not going to say that we've never had disagreements. We definitely have; and I was always right! LoL

Unfortunately, I was probably wrong more times than he was;)

The silver lining (so to speak) of those ups and downs and rough times, is that it bonds you so strongly to each other. And, without a doubt, our strong faith in God and our desire to raise our children for Him, has been the greatest influence of all.

For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness, as in health.... I think those are beautiful words. They speak commitment, unselfishness, faithfulness. Qualities that are so under-rated in our present day.

So to the man who has stuck by my side, through thick and through thin, and loves me in spite of my many flaws:

I love you with all my heart. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. 15 years and counting...


Niki said...

Wow you look exactly the same (not the hair) as your pic on your site. You DO NOT look 15 years older. Congrats to you guys and hopefully you will continue blogging for me to read about your 30th anniversary. Enjoy your day and God Bless.

MyKidsMom said...

My hair was actually auburn in this picture, but in taking a picture of a picture (I know, sounds funny)it darkened everything.

As for looking older, you'll notice I don't post close-ups of myself, LoL. My face definitely has more wrinkles! Hopefully I've traded youth for wisdom;)

Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary! Those vows we took mean something; I don't understand those people who insist upon writing their own vows.

Kaye (aka Mrs Nespy) said...

Happy Anniversary (sorry, I'm a day late!). Hope it was a great one...and wishes for many more to come!

Mrs. Darling said...

Happy Anniversary!

Marva said...

Happy Anniversary.......late. I hope you and your hubby had a great time together! Here's to another 85!!!