Thursday, July 10, 2008

All About Anne

My favorite series of books ever has got to be the Anne of Green Gables series. I dearly loved these books as a girl, and they are still just as wonderful to read now as an adult.

I remember my sister devouring the Nancy Drew series. I actually wasn't too fond of Nancy myself, she was just too perfect. Anne's mishaps were definitely more to my liking (and it helped that I could identify with her on that level a bit;)

I love the Anne movies as well. Rarely do I feel a movie has done a classic book justice, but in this case, I think it did. It was like watching the books come alive (yes, I know some sequence of events were different). Megan Follows played Anne perfectly (3,000 girls tried out for the part). And Gilbert wasn't too bad either;)

The funny thing is that I've met other women that have totally different tastes from myself in movies and books, but we could all sit down and watch Anne together. She has such universal appeal.

All of this to say: I really, really like Anne!

And it just so happens that my Canadian blogging friend Niki lives about an hour away from the Lucy Maud Montgomery home; can you imagine? By the way, I refer to Canada as the land of Anne (I'm starting to sound adolescent here). No, I've never been there. But it's definitely on my to-do list:)

So while hunting the thrift store last week, I just couldn't resist the temptation to buy this porcelain Anne Shirley doll by Ashton-Drakes Galleries. I paid $15. for her (blush) but the little girl in me just took over. I tried to tell myself I would add it to my daughter's special doll collection (I add one each year; she should be 9 by now) but I know better.
No one is going to take this doll out of my grubby little hands.

So we'll just call it Stephenie's folly.

That's Stephenie- spelled with an E.

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Niki said...

Wow I never knew you liked her so much. You have to get to her house on PEI. Actually this island is a beautful vacation spot and a hot destination in the summer. Her house in one of the biggest tourist spots in Canada. Japanese tourists love Anne. I have only been there once as a little girl and barely remember it. I have to bring the kids there although they have no idea who she is. We were planning to visit the Island this summer and if I ever get there I will take lots of pics for you and will definately pick up a souvenir you would love. We used to have to get to the Island by ferry but we have since built a bridge, it is huge and quite amazing to see.

Mrs. Darling said...

Well Ive been to Canada at least a dozen times but never to PE Island. Ive often told hubby thats wher ei want to go on our next vacation but it never happens. I'll buy the doll from you for 30 bucks. :)

Angela said...

I love Anne of Green Gables! I have seen the movies like 100 times and I read the books-- the entire series-- like once a year. People think I'm really weird. I also do the same thing with the Little House on the Prairie series :)

Nikki said...

I'm going back through the series right now; I'm in the middle of Rainbow Valley.

By the way, I cannot remember if I told you or not, but I got one of the Jane Austen mysteries and enjoyed it. I've got another that is waiting to be read.

Thanks for the plug!

MyKidsMom said...

Niki: I would love that! My husband would like to have a kids-free vacation in the next year or two, and I'm hoping it will be to go there. The scenery in the movies is so beautiful.

Mrs.D: Like I said, these grubby little hands have quite a grip:) LOL

Angela: That doesn't seem weird to me at all. But then, maybe I'm weird myself:) A good book never grows old. You can't say that for most modern books.

Mrs. Darling said...

Just sent you an email-

Harriet said...

Books reading is my hobby too since childhood. I really enjoy reading books on latest topics.

daynagonzalez said...

I've been a fan of Anne's since a kid, too, and I would have bought the doll had I the chance! One day you and your daughter can enjoy those books and movies together!