Monday, July 28, 2008

All about growing things

I am pretty much over my mental crisis concerning the dismal disappointment of my garden this year.

It's true that in prior years my tomatoes grew into monster plants without the use of miracle grow or fertilizer (hey, it worked). I couldn't keep up with the Zucchini or bush beans.
So maybe I'm not totally over it yet;)

My pickling cucumbers are doing fabulously however; so if famine comes, my family will have plenty of pickles canned with jalapenos and garlic to chow down on. And hopefully lots of water to combat all that saltiness:)

But enough whining (see, I can read your thoughts); here are some pictures of things that are actually growing around here.

This planter has really taken off. I love wave petunias (as you'll see in other pictures). They look so pretty trailing down the sides of planters, and anyone can grow them (yes, even me).

More wave petunias. I don't know why these grew so lop-sided; I'm sure I didn't plant them that way;) Oh well, they still look pretty.

My daughter's rose bush. This takes the least maintenance of all our flowers. Every year they bloom a different shade.

My porch planters.

This is my favorite of all my planters. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a very good picture of these due to the sun shining on them so brightly. They're a very deep hue of purple.

I will leave you with the one picture of my garden I'm not too embarrassed to post. Just ignore those little weeds that I have to get to today:)


PJ said...

I've given up on gardens...I only do containers now....After reading "Contain Yourself" a how-to book of growing flowers and "stuff" in pots. My containers do very well!! And I don't have to weed them!!!

Your flowers are beautiful!

Kaye said...

You're doing much better than I am...I have to buy plants that I "can't" kill and then I still sometimes manage to.

By the way...if famine comes, I hope your family is stocked up on breathmints. =)

MyKidsMom said...

PJ: I'm going to check that book out. I'm still looking for the best plants to do in my smaller pots. Thanks!

Kaye: Hahaha; I'll keep that in mind:)

Kaye said...

I'm back. Just read all of your comments over at my blogs.

I just wanted to thank you for your bloggie friendship. You are always around to toss in a comment when I feel like no one cares enough to read. I really appreciate that.

And I'm glad you're enjoying my second blog. As I noted there, I wanted some of that info to be a part of the first blog, which is was in the beginning, but the Frugal side of Mrs Nespy's World overwhelmed it and it got pushed aside. However, I wanted to keep the content alive, so I just started another one!

And if you haven't noticed yet, I have a third blog. It's more about my faith and will probably get a bit personal at times, but we'll see where that one goes!

By the way...I have an answer for you about why I hate WM over at Mrs Nespy's Frugal World. I would repost, but then this comment would just be ridiculously long!

Nikki said...

I have already told John that I will have a garden next year, even if it just lives in a container. I am jealous of all my blogging friends with gardens.

Mrs. Darling said...

Whatcha doin' today? You could come over. Im just doing the watering and making cinnamon rolls.