Sunday, July 27, 2008

A little quietness

It's so rare that I find myself home alone that usually my first reaction is not knowing what to do with myself.

My husband drives a church bus on Sundays that picks up kids (and many adults) for services. He's usually gone a few hours both in the morning and afternoon doing this. Both the boys go with him, which leaves just me and the Princess.

That is until recently. Lately when we've gone to say good-bye before they leave in the afternoon, she's been turning her big brown eyes on me and saying "I weally want to ride the bus."

Who could say No to that?

It's true that she comes back with her best dresses stained red and purple (ala popsicles) or with chocolate smeared down the front. I guess that's why they invented stain sticks.

And she's known for beating out the rest of the riders in eating watermelon. That I believe, here she is working on two slices at one time.

Well, my oven timer is beeping. I'm trying out a new pineapple/chile topping on chicken drumsticks today; should be interesting;)

My family will try just about anything, bless their hearts.

1 comment:

Mrs. Darling said...

Looks like shes loving it!

Id send them all on the bus in a heartbeat! A womans gotta have some time to breathe!