Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Child logic

I had the following conversation with the Princess:
Me: Mommy has to leave to go to Fred Meyer (a local super-store). You're going to stay here with daddy.
Princess: Please can I go? Someone else will take care of me.
Me: What do you mean?
Princess: They have a class there Mommy. (She thinks every time there is a group of children, it's a class).

It dawned on me that she must mean the little childcare center they have there where you can drop your children off while you shop. I've never left her there, and evidently she thought she was missing out on something.

Princess: Don't worry mom, she's pretty old. (Evidently she thought pointing that out would be in her favor).
Me: Who?
Princess: The lady who will take care of me. She's really old.
Pause. I see a frown come over her face.
Princess: But she's not going to die.

ATleast it made sense to her.

She'll love this chocolate beard and mustache picture someday, LoL.


Nikki said...

The conversations I have to look forward to! I can already hear some of them.

Kaye said...

You have to LOVE their logic. So pure and innocent. Not yet muddled by the world. Ahhh...to have that level of concern in the world!

Love the story!

Mrs. Darling said...