Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Posts worth Reading

I think the hot weather is affecting my brain lately; when I sit down to post something, I come up with a total blank. Sometimes I wonder if that's what happens when you go full speed, then come to a sudden halt (figuratively speaking).

Fortunately, there are other people who aren't having this problem. I wanted to leave a link to a guest post that Niki did recently. I happened upon Niki's original blog Minimalist Mommy when I first started seriously blogging (around 6 months ago). I was quickly hooked, and I'm so happy that she has been able to go on to bigger things with her Organizing Blog. This particular guest post is about her journey towards voluntary simplicity, and is well-worth reading.

I also wanted to mention that Sandy at 4 Reluctant Entertainers is hosting a Canning Package Giveaway. If you're canning for the first time like me, this would be a great start towards your supplies. The contest ends tommorrow, so hurry over and leave your answers to her contest questians.


Niki said...

Thanks so much for being so loyale and such a good cyber friend. I do have my five faves (yours in defiantely in there) and they keep me grounded instead of skipping all over the place. I love seeing how different moms do things across the country.

As far as canning please ask me anything, I have screwed up more times than I can count so that may prevent you from doing the same.

Nikki said...

Sorry about the video on my blog. It worked when I first posted but now it is unavailable. So I just deleted the whole post.

It was a really neat video about our military and what they sacrifice for us. You would have loved it.

Kirstin said...

Hi! Thought I'd come visit from Mrs. Darlings blog. I love the "thrift shop" finds you re-did. Especially the bench.

Angela said...

I just checked it for you...and yours is HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL! Congratulations!! :)

MyKidsMom said...

Hahaha, I can't imagine anyone in high school wanting to read my blog!

I'm still wandering exactly what that means...:)