Monday, July 14, 2008

Thinking of Homeschool

Despite my attempts to push them aside, thoughts of homeschooling are crowding my mind.

It is now halfway through our Summer vacation. It has gone by far too quickly. I think every year I appreciate this break a little bit more.

Don't misunderstand, I enjoy homeschooling my children. But it is also very challenging. The older they get, the more it tests my abilities.

Today I'll be meeting with 5 other families concerning a homeschool co-op a friend of mine is starting this fall. We plan to meet 1 day a week for 4-5 hours for assorted classes, plus have a book club for the children involved.

But I still have to figure out what curriculum I should use for this fall. And whether I should take advantage of some of the varied programs provided through different agencies. There are so many resources you can use in homeschooling, many of them free. But it does take alot of work to find them and keep it all organized.

And I have to admit that I feel just a little bit of panic; I worry that I won't do a good enough job of it. I'm actually looking forward to both of my boys doing state testing this year. Many homeschoolers really do not care for it, but I quess I need to see that they are at the level they should be at.

I appreciate your patience with a post like this; I have deliberately chosen to not make this a homeschooling blog, although I do post about it somewhat through the school year. But it's the time of year when I have to make choices concerning this, so it's very much on my mind.

I promise a more interesting post tommorrow (oh no, now the pressures on;).

Have a great day!


Nikki said...

I appreciate your honesty about the challenge of finding the right curriculum. It's something that I will have to do in a few years. I was just talking with someone about that today.

Brandi said...

I get anxious about my kids also. Spring is crazy for us, because I start worrying how the kids will do in their evaluations. Two of my kids have learning disabilities and don't test well at all. Two others never seem to finish their math curriculum, but they manage to test as if they had finished (or even higher). I suppose it's because of the extra problems and real life situations we throw in all the time.

We had just finished evaluations this year and I was thinking I could relax when I realized I still had to write up and turn in our intent to homeshool for next year. This year I have to completely redo my resources list, because of a computer crash earlier this year.

This year we have two in 7th, so we have a lot more to incorporate.

I guess I am just typing all this to say I understand.

MyKidsMom said...

I'll give you lots of advice when the time comes Nikki; but only if you ask, LoL:)

Brandi: Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes hearing from another homeschooler that they're having the same struggles or worries is comforting (in a strange sort of way:) Your having more kids, and bigger hurdles, makes mine feel a little more manageable. And thanks for the reminder to send in that intent to homeschool, I seem to forget it til right before school starts each year.

Mrs. Darling said...

mykidsmom you dont need to turn in an intent to homeschool after the initial homeschool registration. You registered last year so you're good.

Brandi said...

The homeschool laws aren't too bad here in Ohio, but we have to turn in our intent to homeschool each year. Ugh!