Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back to Great-Grandma's house we go

Today we went for another visit to great-grandma's house to help my sister-in-law pick blueberries. This time I remembered my camera, so I thought I would post a few pictures of her garden and bushes. Great-grandma is 83 years old, but she still plants and cares for the flowers herself (Grandpa does the garden area).

Her many blueberry bushes. These bushes are over 60 years old, and are a mixture of early and late varieties.

She has two long rows of grapes. I'm hoping to get some of these also, but haven't asked yet. Great-grandma makes this wonderful sparkling grape juice. It's very sweet, but absolutely delicious.

What is affectionately known as "Junk guy.

I made sure to get some apples on this trip. I was blinded by the berries on our first trip;)

Here my kids are desperately trying to catch a baby frog from the pond to take home with us. Sadly, the frog eluded them;)

Great-grandma made sure to point out this little statue that she recently acquired. She said it reminded her of her mother. I thought that was sweet, but it also made me sad to think how much she must miss her.

And here is the dear lady herself (with the Princess). I hope I look this lovely at 83.

I admit I couldn't resist getting a few more berries myself. My sis-in-law tried to get me to take more, but I didn't want to appear greedy (even though I am:)

Well, that's how we spent this hot Summer day. I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.


Niki said...

That looks like something out of BHG magazine. I am in awe. Wow that box of berries would cost me well over $200 here.

Kaye said...

Wow! They have a really nice place. It's incredible that they can keep it up and maintained so well at their age! And you're right...I also hope I look that good when I'm 83!

MyKidsMom said...

Niki: These pictures really don't do her flowers justice, especially since it's late in the season for some of these flowers so they are past their peak growth. It's all still so pretty though.

Kaye: I'm embarrassed to admit that on our first trip there this year, I really didn't expect it to be landscaped like it used to be, due to their age. Now I'm of the opinion that they could definitely out-work me!

Nikki said...

I covet your blueberries. I already have a date, though, with one of my "real-life" friends to go blueberry picking next summer. (The season is over down here.) We are going to leave the young'uns with their daddies while we pick blueberries!

blessedwith5 said...

Your grams lives in paradise! Beautiful!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting.

Nice to meet you!

Niki said...

I got your comment on budgeting. You did leave an initial comment and as I was clicking approve on them I clicked too fast on yours and it was still pending. I am trying to have them automatically approved, especially by my friends. They should be there now. You are right though teaching this in the schools was a focus for our organization and was making progress in getting it implemented. It was a hurdle though and I cannot for the life of me figure out why they would not jump at the opportunity to include it.